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Analysis / Summit of UAE tolerance and improvement of the future of the industry – the best Dubai


Analytical vision: Abdullah Abdul Karim.

Director of the Media Coverage of the Emirates news agency.

Abu Dhabi, November 15, 2005 (VAM) – UAE hosted a series of summits
The current year's current year in a number of areas that combine politically
Economic, scientific, cultural, developmental and other, but the World Summit
Tolerance in Dubai is a unique event not only because it is the first such
Global level, but as a regional and global communication message
The whole world, who needs to pass the values ​​of tolerance among its members as much as they need
Bread and security, which was the state's declaration to establish a "alliance"
Universal Tolerance ".

At this World Summit, dealing with issues of tolerance, peace and pluralism
Cultural dialogue between human beings meets more than 1,000 opinion leaders and decision makers
Ambassadors of Peace and Change, religious scholars and his people and experts in the field
Art and culture in interactive dialogues speak of how tolerance leads to creation
Positive change in the lives of communities, as well as UAE models
They already practice in the field in terms of how to transform tolerance into the pattern
Life and public culture both at the level of the federal government and on its applications
In this regard, or within everyday life and visible manifestations

Most or all of the BPO calls are the International Institute of Tolerance considered one
One of the pioneering initiatives of His Majesty Shayk Mohammed bin Rasheed Al Maktoum
Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and the ruler of Dubai "
They already know that they came to this summit to see and see how they were translated
Values ​​established by Father Founder Sheikh Zaied Bin Sultan Al Nahian
May Allah be merciful, and then his faithful "sons" will take care of what he deserves
My founders have become the national flag of the UAE: the state of tolerance, giving and partnership
In achieving peace and sustainable development.

Another thing of the same weight will be present and manufacturers of tolerance in the world and how it is
That this legacy of the United Arab Emirates in tolerance, inspired by the verse "Take Pardon
And I ordered to present and expose ignorance "culture is the foundation of the essence of religiosity
National and human responsibility is carried out by young people from UAE who have committed themselves
Leadership is a true partner in managing the present and building the future.

At the sessions of the Interactive Dialogue Summit Tolerance, many titles are read from the experience
Management in UAE and how he achieved international leadership two years ago
Distribution of the Portfolio of Happiness and Tolerance and passed the Anti-Discrimination Law
Hatred is ranked among the three leading countries in the cultural index
Tied to the degree of tolerance and acceptance of the other.

Why are there only Emirates who can gather together like this international crowd?
Who is responsible for the topics related to the advancement of the future industry? The answer is there
In the title of the World Summit on Tolerance, "take full advantage of the diversity
And pluralism … a vital area for innovation and common action, "synonymous
His introductory vocabulary and content in the UAE experience is based on the well-being of all
It was strengthened by credibility, trust and acceptance of the other.

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