Sunday , October 2 2022

Cadillac launches KST4 during the SOLE DKSB Festival


During its participation at the largest regional festival of culture (SOLE DKSB), Cadillac introduced the new KST4, the first compact SUV, built from a top brand. Cadillac continues its policy of expanding the family of products by 2020, Mobility and the desire to upgrade the leadership experience, which is usually attracted to this annual event, which is organized for three nights and two days.

Seoul DKSP 2018 will be held from December 6th to 8th, and the young and young audiences will give an exclusive opportunity to meet for the first time a brand new KST4 as part of the Cadillac's prestigious activities. Enjoying the brand.

"The performance of Seoul DkP is one of the biggest cultural festivals in UAE and is fully in line with our core values," said Christian Sommer, general manager of Cadillac Middle East.

As a brand, we are always looking for innovative ways to connect with young customers and take Seoul DkP into account as the perfect platform to introduce the first compact SUV from Cadillac. The first visitors to this region who are familiar with KST4, who will shine with the latest technologies, look forward to celebrating this mutual move together. "

The Middle East is one of the key areas for Cadillac, an ideal market for a brand new KST4, where the younger generation is the largest segment of the population.

"We are very pleased that Cadillac was chosen as the launch platform for the new KST4," said Raj Malhotra, co-founder of the Seoul DkP event. "The audience is one of the pillars of our relationship. This partnership is a successful case that needs to be considered in terms of partnership and creative innovation that can be the result of collaboration between a global company and an independent initiative such as Soul DSP.

In 2017, the prestigious American brand and the annual fashion and art festival announced a three-year long-term agreement, and after two years of successful and constructive cooperation, this partnership will continue until 2019.

Last year, Cadillac made a big surprise after announcing that in its final version of 2017, "Andi Varhol" Soul to DKSP, especially since this legendary artist was among the most influential people of the 20th century.

During the event, rare messages were presented that quickly examined Vorhol's personal experiences and relationships.

Cadillac aims to further raise standards through a unique activity that gives Cadillac a real experience, providing a platform for the regional display of KST4 vehicles that are eagerly anticipated by the enthusiastic brand.

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