Monday , March 27 2023

«Dubai for new projects» launches «Network of business partners»


Dubai: "Bay"

Dubai Innovative Enterprises, one of the innovative initiatives of the Dubai Chamber of Entrepreneurship Support, has launched the third edition of the Business Partner Network (BNP) program to promote joint collaboration and business partnerships among prominent companies in the emirate and new entrepreneurs.
The Partners Partner Network program aims to connect different companies and institutions in the emirate with new entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises to create profitable partnerships that achieve common goals. In the previous two sessions, the program has already concluded 8 memoranda of understanding between international companies in Dubai and entrepreneurs.
The program will be attended by four major companies in Emirate Dubai, Emirates Post Group, Asvak, Sumitomo Corporation Middle East and Akiom Telecom. Each company presented challenges in its business and activities. To provide solutions to address these challenges, opening the door to successful partnerships and advanced solutions to existing challenges. The door is open to all new companies around the world to participate in this program, which provides solutions for companies and closes the door for appointment for start-up on December 10th.
The challenges posed by the Emirates Post Group include innovative employee training programs and programs as well as new and innovative technology solutions to improve and improve the safety of UAE postal workers, especially cyclists.
And identify markets in the challenges of finding innovative and intelligent solutions to solve the worn-out products in the store and innovative solar energy solutions that will generate electricity from solar energy without the use of electric transformers, as well as solutions for creating dynamic information boards for management and regulation shops without need Human work to complete the task.
Sumitomo Corporation Middle East has identified the challenges it faces, including innovative solutions, services and products in the field of transport, renewable energy, energy management and agricultural technologies.
Akiom Telecom has focused on the challenges it faces in managing business processes and digital transformations, such as creating a smart application for generating a daily sales report, creating a system that integrates and monitors all employees and vehicle traffic, in unauthorized vehicles entering and delivering exceptional and easy parking for employees and customers of the company.

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