Thursday , August 5 2021

Emirates Airlines performs “special” flight related to Corona (video)

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Emirates Airlines plane

Today, Saturday, the company “Emirates Airlines” operates a special flight “EK2021”, which transports the crew and passengers who received the vaccine against the Corona virus.


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The newspaper “Emirates Today” reported that this trip comes “as part of the great progress that the vaccination program in the UAE has made, since more than 8 million and 923 thousand doses have been provided in the country since Friday.”

The flight will also help shed light on the progress made by Emirates Airlines in vaccinating its employees, especially aircraft crew members, according to Emirates Today.

In the details of this trip, passengers on this trip will test the “biometric” technology recently used by Emirates Airlines in check-in areas and at entrances to Dubai International Airport, as this technology allows passengers to complete all travel procedures without contact. “Biometric” technology provides passengers with the experience of enjoying a safe and uninterrupted journey.

It should be noted that the airline Emirates has determined its aircraft “A380” for this flight, which is equipped with a new cabin of Premium economy class and modern cabins in all classes.

Source: Emirates Today

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