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Health benefits … What you do not know about turmeric

The Yellow Node is known as "turmeric", the type of plant root of the category "Znjabiliat". It is used in rice and flesh to give a distinctive color and taste. From a medical point of view, turmeric contains a substance that inhibits the activity of the enzymes necessary for the growth of cancer cells, in addition to rich fibers and antioxidants.

In that sense, nutritionist Malak Dalbani counted on the benefits of turmeric to body health. They are:

1- Protect from Alzheimers It helps stimulate the brain and reduces the deposits of amyloid, the protein responsible for the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease in the brain.

2 – helps curcuma Digestion As it reduces swelling and gases and contributes to better digestion.3. Clean the body Toxins It improves blood circulation in the body and removes plaque in the bodyFor the liver.

4- It maintains weight It contributes to the increased flow of yellow matter of the gallbladder, which helps in the digestion of fat.

5. Reinforce Heart health It reduces bad cholesterol and prevents blood clotting and the accumulation of fat and plaque in the arteries.

6. Strengthhens Immune system Because it works counter-measure Bacteria and viruses In addition to its role in addressing Sore throat Fight against flu and colds.

7. Improves For the mood Helps in treatment Depression It also helps in sleeping.

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