Friday , September 17 2021

How did Huawei AppGallers and Talabat work together to provide the best user experience in its class?

For almost two years, Huawei, a global technology giant, has been collaborating with Talabat; The leading food delivery and e-commerce platform in the MENA region to create a range of initiatives, develop a seamless user experience on platforms, and to continue positioning its brands as a technology leader in its business sector.
We had an interview with Oner Algun, vice president of MENA Strategy in Talabat, who shared some thoughts on working with Huawei since Talabat merged with AppGallery; Huawei’s official distribution platform and the third largest app store in the world.

Why Talabat decided to team up with Huawei and integrate the store AppGalleries؟

Huawei is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world; There are more than 730 million smartphone users. In this region, the company has also developed into a leading technical expert. Our data showed a clear increase in our customers’ demand for Talabat via Huawei devices, especially in some of our high-growth markets, such as Egypt.
Since customer experience is a top priority for us and Huawei, the next logical step was close cooperation between the Huawei team and Talabat to create a truly integrated experience for Huawei customers.

After all, we operate in a competitive and fast-growing industry, which is why partnerships are so important. By bringing together two great technology organizations and data-based solutions, we are basically meeting the needs of customers, before they have to look for a solution!

How long has your organization been working with the team? AppGalleries، What are the main initiatives taken so far?

We have been working with Huawei and the AppGallery team since 2019; Because they were the support and reliable partner of our company, we saw real value in their love for our business and the way their customers think. It’s not just about creating a corporate partnership, but about how we do the right thing for our mutual clients.

We have worked closely in all nine of our markets and launched major joint campaigns in the MENA region. One of our main campaigns was a campaign to change our brand from Otlob to Talabat in Egypt; We have created a joint campaign through a wide range of promotional activities to benefit end users of Huawei smartphones and raise awareness of Talabat under a new name in Egypt. The success of this campaign was astounding; It reached 94% of our target audience, and we recorded a 240% increase in transmission.

However, our partnership goes beyond advertising campaigns; It’s about working together to change the way our customers experience Talabat on their Huawei devices, including minor tweaks, such as integrating news feeds that allow users instant access to Talabat at the touch of a button. Through this integration, we saw a huge increase in interaction by 144%, which undoubtedly changed the game on the Huawei platform.

We teamed up with Huawei as a technical programmer; The Talabat app and website is one of the first food delivery and delivery apps in the region to launch its app on Huawei’s recently launched range of premium devices.

This allows our app to seamlessly connect to leading Huawei smartwatches; HUAVEI VATCH 3 and Pro HUAVEI VATCH 3, bringing users a more practical, sleek and safer experience. In addition, when ordering from the Talabat app, the smartwatch turns into a smart assistant, allowing our customers to track the status of their orders and receive notifications directly from the wrist!

What to expect from a partnership with the Huawei App Store AppGalleries Commercially speaking?

All of our corporate partnerships we have taken on have one goal: to improve the experience of our integrated system and better serve our customers, our restaurants and retail partners, drivers, employees and society at large. In this case, the opportunity for a large presence on Huawei devices helps us create a flawless experience for both their customers and our customers.

Of course, this partnership will enable a better awareness of the brand and we look forward to continuing our mutual cooperation, moving forward.

Do you have any more joint ventures that you plan in the future?

Our experience of close cooperation with Huawei so far has been great, so we have a lot of upcoming projects in the pipeline.

One of our main goals here in Talabat is to become the most popular and downloaded app in the MENA region and to be true companions of our customers in their lives, and we believe that Huawei can continue to make a significant contribution to that. We are very excited to continue working with Huawei on the integration of more innovative technologies.
This will include the availability of Talabat on Huawei’s Petal Search and Petal Maps platforms, as well as Huawei’s range of premium devices such as the next-generation HUAVEI Vision S TV and the new 12.6-inch HUAVEI MatePad Pro tablet to be unveiled in mid-East and North Africa soon. markets. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership and relationship with the great Huawei team and move forward!

Significantly, the Talabat app is available in Jordan, and can be downloaded by clicking here.

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