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International photographers represent 16 art workshops in "Ekpuger 2018" – Best Dubai


Sharjah, November 13, 2005 (VAM)
2018 organized by the Information Office of the Government of Sharjah in the period from 21 to
On November 24, a series of workshops were held at the Sharjah Expo Center
Education and training programs for beginners and professionals
Who want to develop their arts after success
Great achievements of these workshops in the festival's edition last year.

Workshops this year include the Be Controlled workshop that will be held on November 21st
It is intended for beginners who own a DSLR camera
Professional / digital camera with mono reflex / to learn
Before a professional skill specialist is used to take advantage of the advantage and method
Run them manually and get to know them with the technology of exposure along with the concepts
A special core, including an exposure bracket consisting of aperture and shutter speed
And ISO.

Kspogar invites photographers involved to bring their equipment so that they can
Apply the skills that you will learn on your own cameras.

The workshop will be held on November 22 and 23
A great challenge for photographers and a real test of the composition's ability in photography
Photography – one of the main pillars of image success and is popular
Large photographers of all levels are asking the participants to bring his camera
And a memory card so that it can apply the skills it will learn
His camera.

While the aeronautical workshops will take place on November 21 and 24
For beginners who want to develop their skills in the field
Aerial photography uses the presence of the expert Elijah Lockardi who has done many
Workshops and lectures at major photo events
The workshop provides participants with the opportunity to learn the secrets of classified information
Specialized photography through fieldwork, as well as theoretical lecture.

Photographic workshop was provided by professional photographic libraries by Colin Havkins who worked
For over 15 years with leading photographers in the world, such as "Getti"
Imgs, ImgSource, Alami and SuperStore
The workshop, to be held on November 23rd, will identify a number of techniques to be developed
It helps them to provide unique creative images that are competitive on the market
Photo with the possibility of obtaining a license for publication and placement on the market
And sell them online.

A practitioner and visual art expert awards several international awards
Pino Saradzic is training workshops for beginners on image editing software / Adobe
Lightroom and Photoshop / where they will train photographers on November 24
And graphic designers who take part in the use of sophisticated digital dark rooms
And how to take advantage of their benefits.

The studio photo studio will be held on November 21st
Actually, journalists and professional photographers have the opportunity to develop their skills on the ground
Shooting in the studio carefully considers the latest lighting techniques and the best
Types of lighting equipment.

Workshop "Good to Beautiful", which will be held on November 21st, is an opportunity
Ideal for photographers with an average experience in digital photography and who are interested
Learn about innovative technologies used in advanced cameras such as
Elements of flash and composition in photography and other skills
They contribute to image processing and quality improvement.

While Photo Workshop Photo Workshop will be held on November 21 for photographers
Wanting to improve their career in product photography
Take advantage of the experience of a professional photographer Colin Havkins and are especially focused on the owners
Small businesses or individuals interested in taking excellent and professional photos
In order for their products to be used for sales and marketing purposes in the markets

Workshop "Digital Printing for Art" will be held on November 21st
Which is one of the most important workshops for professional photographers and graphic designers
And professional printers who want to improve their skills and improve their business after they get to know each other
During which the latest technological tools are used for digital printing
They are considering the basic standards and practices of photographic companies
The world's leading photo and advanced digital printing methods.

Workshop "Finding Differences in Everyday Life" takes place 22 and 23 days
November lectures and practical exercises provided by the photographer
Pulitzer International Prize Isdras M. Suarez is a great opportunity for photographers
Participants take advantage of the rich experience of this photographer
Professional and especially in the art of street photography.

Lighting Workshop attracts 22 photographers
Portraits and events of photographers and companies of interested amateurs and professionals
Get further experience in specialized imaging techniques, such as flash and
Published by creative photographer Ric Friedman.

During the workshop "Introduction to Video Photography", the participants learn about the mechanism
DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras are built on the most prominent features
Technical and accessories. The lecture will take place on November 22nd
Principles of film creation, the fundamentals of the story industry and the method of narrative construction.

Workshop "Light Painting", which will be held on November 22,
The first theory of lectures for 4 hours and the second practical workshop on the spot
About the light picture of international photographers Eric Barry and Kim Henry
Participants can gain experience in using optical stick techniques
In technical or professional projects.

Workshop "Long exposure and image processing" was held on 23rd of November
This three-part November aims to improve the participants' skills
Use long-exposure exposure technology and post-processing and image enhancement
Its quality is in accordance with the highest international standards and standards.

The participants will learn at the workshop "Macro Photography" by Iusuf Al Habashi
How to use the basic functions of the camera to create close-up images
For consideration .. They will also know the best lenses and additional accessories
Develop macro-visual skills.

Rick Friedman will attend the workshop "Lighting in Locations", which is divided
In two sections, one in the studio, and the other in the open, introducing the participants
Lighting Control Techniques Participants at the end of the workshop develop the ability to
Capture excellent photos regardless of the surrounding lighting conditions.

This year's edition of the festival is marked by participants at the time of registration
Opportunity to choose workshops that they want according to their skill level
And their interests.

HE Tarek Saeed Alai, director of the government's information office in Sharjah, said:
"The 2018 Expo is a great opportunity to develop the capabilities of photographers and media professionals in
The region and help them express their creative ideas and get to know them better
International practices and the latest technological achievements in the photography industry
In various disciplines. "

"We encourage all amateur and professional photographers at all levels
To join a festival that offers them a four-day series
Educational and training workshops that help them develop their skills
And gain more experience in the areas of specialized photography and the use of these
Leading platform for getting to know the world's most famous photographers and photographers
Experience and success. "

In addition to workshops and interactive activities, the festival offers participants
The ability to evaluate their business by the most important photo specialists
Cathi Moran, Philip Lee Harvei and Rob Taggart, in a workshop divided into six
A half hour session will be held on Friday, November 23.

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