Thursday , June 1 2023

Khaled Sarhan "police officer" in the series "Family Limit"


Artist Khaled Sarhan said about the beginning of his show of the Famili Records series through his personal page on Facebook, which led to the interaction of followers and the media and the media to further reflect the personality of the whole personality and give details of his role in the events of this series.

"Sarhan", he was personifying during the work of a policeman named Sameh, and the marriage of the artist "Amira Hani" Star Artist "Salah Abdullah" or is separated from her That "Hall Fahir" is a very romantic role in his personal life, and the other is an autocratic personality in his career, but with a series of events you will find what you have never done before.

He continued … The serial series "family restraint" on the quality of the serial series 45 episodes, His name was "White House" Change it Just one day before shooting & # 39; Looking at Director Tamer Hamza in agreement with the production company.

The Family Records series includes a group of stars And further Head of Mervat Amin & # 39; Izzat al-Alaili & # 39; Bossi & # 39; Salah Abdullah & Nabil Halafavi & # 39; Hall Fahir & Anam Salousa & # 39; and Simon & # 39; Khaled Sarhan & # 39; rami Vaheed & # 39; Nazal Al-Shafei "Ahmed Al-Tuhami" Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz & Mirhan Hussein & # 39; Donia Abdel Aziz & Reem Baroudi & Menna Fadali & # 39; Dina Fouad & # 39; Karolina Azmi & # 39; Amira Hani "Karim Abdul Khalik and other stars are the production of the Art of Egypt, written by Mohamed Raja and Michel Nabil, and directed by Tamer Hamza.

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