Friday , December 4 2020

Kills his HIV-infected woman

Police in southern Pakistan have arrested a man accused of killing his wife infected with HIV in a widespread area, officials said on Thursday.

Police official Vahid Mani said that a man in Rato Deru had strangled his wife for suspicion of betraying him and hanging her body on a tree to make the incident look like a suicide.

The town of Ratu Dyru, in the province of Sind, is a small town in which it has been confirmed that about 800 people, mostly children, have been infected in the past two months.

Another police official, Irfan Baloch, said the man had killed his 32-year-old woman because she thought that her HIV infection meant she might have something to do with someone else.

Sikandar Memon, director of the Sindh HIV / AIDS program, said health authorities checked about 25,000 people this month in the city.

The World Health Organization (WHO) doctor team is visiting the region today to determine the main cause of the epidemic and to propose preventive measures.

Health experts have suggested that viral spread can be a consequence of the repeated use of contaminated injections by incompetent physicians.


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