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Nevs of Culture Nov .. 50 Egyptian and Arab publishing houses at the Alexandrian Book Fair


Secrets of the Week Posted: Friday, March 15, 2019 – 4:48 pm | Last Updated on Friday, March 15, 2019 – 16:48

The Alekandrina Library is preparing to launch the Alexandrian Book Fair on March 25th, which lasts until April 7th, and is held in co-operation with the Egyptian Book Management and the Egyptian Association of Publishers.

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Dr. Mostafa El Feki, director of the Alekandrina Library, said that the honorary guest of the exhibition this year is the Institute of Arab Manuscripts under the chairmanship of Dr. Faisal Al-Hafiana, as an acknowledgment for the role of the library in the revival and expansion of the Arabian legacy.

Al Feki added that the exhibition includes about 50 Egyptian and Arabic publishing houses, and includes pavilions for four Arab countries, Kuwait, UAE, Syria and Palestine, and will host pavilions of various government and Arab bodies such as Ministry of Antiquities, Arab Academy of Science and Technology. National Translation Center and Consulate of Palestine Apartments Sur Al-Azbekiia also join the Alekandrina Library this year.

Al-Faki stressed that there are many cultural activities taking place on the margins of the exhibition within the Library of Alekandrina, which is a cultural festival especially for Alexandria intellectuals, Egypt and the Arab world in general.

Dr. Mostafa El Feki stressed that the library is interested in the presence of the creator of Alexandria in the program of cultural exhibition, as well as for the distribution of a larger part, where, lately through Egyptian and international awards, they have proven a wonderful presence in the cultural arena.

The library is dedicated to cultural activities such as children, women, youth, technology, art and literature. The exhibition also hosts young media stars and organizes several meetings and seminars on women on the occasion of International Women's Day.

The program offers 14 workshops for children during the exhibition day, presented by stars from the Egyptian children's book from workshops, storytelling, tree and tree painting, patriotism, workshops for children with Mediterranean anemia and others.

The cultural program also offers a range of free literary workshops in the field of writing, stories, novels, scripts, theater, literary writing, criticism and radio writing.

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