Friday , December 4 2020

Saudi Arabia News .. Historical role in joint Arab actions

Over time, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sought to deal with all these Arab issues with its own responsibility and seriousness, striving to strengthen the role of joint Arab actions in different areas, seeking to achieve regional and international security and stability.

Whenever a member complained about the Arab body, the Kingdom quickly gave her the hand to advise and help and oppose all types of aggression directed at the cohesion of the region.

The Kingdom urged to hold two emergency rallies in the holy city of Mekka at the end of May to discuss the attacks of the Hutians, who threaten its security and stability in the Arabian Gulf region, every time the aggression has reached the threshold of any other Arab country.

The summit of Jerusalem in Dhahran. Questions of the nation at the top

Ambassador Osama bin Ahmed Nakli, Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the Alliance of Arab States, believes that the Arab Summit or Summit in Jerusalem, as it was later called, was held in Dhahran in April 2018, witnessed many challenges at the level of political issues in the Arab, and international level. Arabic joint action.

Speaking at the opening of the session of the Council of Arab States at the level of permanent representatives, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has succeeded in increasing the role of joint Arab actions in many areas of co-operation.


Role that is crystallized on the ground, especially in the economic and social sphere, in particular through the adoption of a mechanism of commitment of States by the decisions of the Economic and Social Council and the mechanism for transparency requirements within the area of ​​large free trade.

Human role in the Arab region

Over the centuries, the Kingdom was a Muslim kiss, and a land that included their holiness, and their united ties, sought to fulfill its humanitarian role by providing help and help to alleviate the suffering of the Arab peoples in their troubles.

The Kingdom supported the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRVA), supported Syrian refugees in Arab countries, assisted displaced people in Iraq, and helped the Yemeni people in their efforts to oppose Hutti's attack.

In many other Arab countries, Saudi Arabia has not hesitated to expand aid and assistance in wars, disasters and situations, to be a balm that cleans the wounds and scars of the Arabs.

The rule of the Arab states. Red line

In dealing with Arab issues and their latest developments, especially with the Palestinian issue, the Kingdom relied on the principle of preserving sovereignty, independence, security and stability of states.

The same principle was based on the Palestinian question, through efforts to establish an independent Palestinian state at the 1967 border with eastern Jerusalem as the capital city, in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy and the Arab peace initiative.

On the same basis, the Kingdom categorically rejects any attempt to violate these rights in all Arab territories occupied in 1968, including the Syrian Golan Plateau.

On a recent US recognition of the so-called "sovereignty" of Israel in the occupied Syrian highlands, the Kingdom considered that Washington's position was a clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the principles of international law and relevant resolutions.

On the same principles, the Kingdom dealt with the crisis in Syria and Libya, in efforts to achieve a solution in line with relevant international resolutions, supporting UN efforts and respecting the agreements reached between the parties.

Arab crisis .. Iranian tumor

Who is familiar with the map of the crisis in the Arab region will not postpone the discovery of an Iranian tumor that despises Unity and Tehran's strong presence in fostering internal differences and diversions in order to deepen the human suffering of the Arab peoples.

Iran has led indirect wars in more than one Arab frontier and has created tensions of tension provoking sectarian and sectarian conflicts and supporting armed militias that operate outside the framework of legitimate authorities in an attempt to break the unity of the Arab peoples in order to open the way for their penetration and control.


The role of terrorists in the region was not limited to ballistic missiles that seriously threaten the Arab presence, and the worst is that it threatens the security of Muslims and the support of the Arabs and their supporters in their temptations.

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