Monday , October 3 2022

Sharjah Postage celebrates "Zaied Iear"


Sharjah, October 9 (VAM) – The 9th Sharjah Seal Exhibition, organized by the Emirates Filatelist Society, presented a collection of stamps issued under the late Shaikh Zaed bin Sultan Al Nahian, including two commemorative stamps issued in 2003 on the 37th anniversary . To take him to power in Emirate Abu Dhabi.

In March 2003, the Emirates Post announced that it would open the doors of college and university students to the United Arab Emirates to participate in the design of postage stamps competition for Zaied under the slogan "Zaed .. Fakhr Al Arab". Mariam Al Muhairi from Sharjah High Technology College At that time, two 50 films and 175 films were issued.

Visitors to the postcard exhibition in Sharjah, hosted by Mega Mall in Sharjah from November 13 to 17, will be able to see two brands that have become today's few stamps and have seen many other collections of stamps with images of Sheikh Zayed – God blessed him – highlights characteristics of development and renaissance and development in their era before and after the Union, including postcards and envelopes on the first day of issue.

Abdullah Khouri, President of the UAE Association of Amateurs, stressed the interest of collectors around the world to buy postage stamps marking the outstanding achievements of Sheikh Zayed, an outstanding personality who left her exploits all over the world.

Mohamed Sorour, marketing director at Mega Mall, said: "The Sharjah Sharjah Post has been selected to present these unique collections to enhance our position in organizing exhibitions and special events that celebrate national figures and achievements that have achieved UAE status.

(UAE Todai: The Sharjah Poem is celebrating the "Year of the Zaed"), which was transmitted by the search engine Egypt 24 and transferred as a source (Emirates Nevs Agents) and does not express a position on the place and the policy of liberation, but the responsibility of the news and its health. The original publisher is the Emirate News agency.

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