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Sisi: Targeting the national state through communication «big challenge»

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President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi emphasized the seriousness of the phenomenon of terrorism on the stability of the nation's state, pointing to other challenges faced by the Arabs and Africans, pointing out that the largest size of elements involved in terrorist groups exists in Africa for several reasons, and attracts young people to Include these groups.

President Sissi warned of the dangers of corruption and internal conflicts and caused them to become unstable.

This happened during a roundtable called the "Africa-Arab Integration Corridor in the Nile Valley" on the margins of the Arab-African Youth Forum in Aswan.

"It seems we were not ready for it in our countries, especially in its consequences and consequences, because the websites provided a great opportunity for uncontrolled communication," President al-Sisi said of the global media boom.

The president said that 60% of the population of Africa and the Arab region, under forty years old, and this enormous figure represents a major challenge, although it is an advantage, and that he must be aware of this with the flowering of means of communication.

Al-Sisi stressed that targeting elements of the nation-state through means of communication is a huge challenge, not only at the African level, but at the Arab level, we see the results. Great respect and attention and efforts by rulers, officials and the media, to make people aware that their hopes and the possibility of their realization can be frustrating, unless we understand the factors of the times and circumstances that all countries experience.

The President stressed that the stability and security of the situation should not be lost: "Before we talk about Arab-African integration or Arab-African projects, you have given up the stability of your country because our stability is our investment.

"The dangers of political conflicts in our countries are the result of many things. We are asked to engage in communication and programs directed at our youth and their minds." We do not leave their minds to others to take them in other directions. "If we are talking about close integration and cooperation between the Arab region, the obstacle to this cooperation. "

Sisi emphasized the importance of a common history between Arab countries and Africa, stressing that the rapprochement between the two sides is an old idea that exists from the founder of the African Union.

"Geography and history are working to overcome controversial issues that they are trying to establish between the Arabs and Africa, but we have a common interest between the two sides and we have huge resources and human resources of 1.3 billion people," he said.

"A complaint of 1 million Feds needs huge financial costs and is never in any way less than 100 billion pounds," Sissi said.

The president added that the reconstruction of the infrastructure of roads, electricity and others requires a million dollars worth of recultivation. "When we do it in areas that do not have the infrastructure to develop your project, it will not be implemented."

Al-Sisi emphasized Egypt's willingness to work with all African countries, not only Sudan, to establish joint projects that would benefit two parties, but what we are talking about is costing very large sums of money that can only be available to some countries in the region. Brothers in the Gulf can finance these projects.

"Together we can embark on a path of cooperation that gives confidence to success at the beginning, encourage other projects, talk a lot, sign many protocols on cooperation and publish many projects, but the reality on the ground is too much, including political stability."

Al-Sisi urged the preparation of an urgent needs document for the advancement of the African continent and its placing ahead of the next Arab-African summit in Riyadh, stressing that the document should be short, citing procedures instead of issuing dozens of recommendations that could be difficult to implement.

Al-Sisi proposed that the document include the establishment of an Arab-African fund to finance infrastructure projects on the African continent, the start of procedures for the establishment of a common Arab-African market and the work of maximum force in accordance with the mechanisms to ensure its success.

Al-Sisi stressed that the upcoming summit should be a witness to the establishment of the Arab-African Coordination Mechanism and the establishment of anti-terrorism and the challenges facing countries, and the maintenance of their security and stability.

The President reviewed the paths of the Egyptian experiment to improve the national economy through the establishment of a vast infrastructure, including a network of roads, electricity and energy, and the establishment of new industrial zones, and stressed that there are industries that can add value if African countries are united, relying on wood, iron, the President said that the exploitation of these resources requires a huge infrastructure of roads, electricity and energy, so that we can transfer and flow through those resources among the af to the richest countries.

The President pointed to the roads and shipping lines and all the requirements of the industry for the exploitation of natural resources, pointing to the existence of countries with a large livestock stock, but there is no meat industry or livestock transfer infrastructure.

Sisi said that if African and Arab countries join forces to establish a strong infrastructure that connects, the continent's shape will change completely after 10 years.

He added that Africa and the Arab world shared a common history of colonialism. The approach to the Arab world and Africa is not modern. , And then in 2016, and the next summit will be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Egyptian President emphasized Egypt's experience in empowering young people and women, stressing that political will and conviction in this file is a necessary condition for a positive move in it and to turn it into procedures, taking into account conditions and climate, such as social customs, education and culture. This has led to the success of this experience, and thus to the establishment of the National Academy for Rehabilitation and Youth Training, stressing that the Academy has moved to a higher position in the country, emphasizing the importance of maintaining mechanisms.

President Sisi also called for the establishment of packages of various communication programs between Arab and African countries that contribute to overcoming all obstacles or differences, emphasizing that terms such as North and South Africa and other terms shared are used.

The president pointed out that the size of educational, medical and other grants offered to African countries within brotherly relationships, love and respect should be increased in a way that corresponds to relations with brothers in the Arab world and Africa.

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