Friday , December 4 2020

Sony develops the Internet Of Things chip with a wide 60-mile range

One of the problems encountered by wireless devices is the range. For example, Bluetooth wireless headphones have a limited range, which means that if you exit from the range of the device that emits sound to the speakers, the broadcast will stop. The same can be said for Internet devices, or for what is known as Internet of Things, they usually require a connection to the same ViFi network.

However, it seems that Sony has quietly developed a new chip for Internet Of Things that makes the range of these devices 60 miles. According to Sony, "most of the Internet systems transmit information received by different sensors to cloud servers, where data is collected and processed, and results are sent to user devices such as smartphones or tablets."

This means that instead of relying on ViFi, which can have a limited range or cellular connectivity, a 60-mile range will allow Internet devices to communicate with each other and network more quickly and in a larger range. According to Sonia, they cite examples, such as tracking your friends on a hill, tracking wild animals, locating boats, tracking cars, etc. "

Currently, technology is limited to Japan, but we will not be surprised if the company extends technology to other countries in the foreseeable future.


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