Monday , August 15 2022

Source: Saudi Arabia reduces world's Arab cheese for shipments in Asia for December


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DUBAI – Saudi Aramco said on Monday it has reduced its Arabian light oil to Asian customers by 10 cents per barrel from November to $ 160 a barrel above the Oman / Dubai average.

The national oil company increased the official selling price of Arabian light crude in Northwest Europe in December by 50 cents from the previous month to become a $ 2.20 off of the Brent North Brent on the Intercontinental Stock Exchange. The official selling price of Arabian crude oil for the United States was set at $ 2.45 per barrel above the Argus index for crude petroleum products for December, down $ 1.40 a barrel of the previous month.

(Prepared by Alaa Rushdi for publication in Arabic – edited by Ahmed Elhami)

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