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The President of Zimbabwe recognizes the cultural message of the mosque Sheikh Zaied

Sharjah –

Zimbabwe President Emerson Mengagua and his accompanying delegation visited the Great Mosque of Zaidi Zaed on Sunday as part of their state visit.

The guest and the delegation visited the grave of the late Sheikh Zaeeh bin Sultan Al Nahyan, remembering his heritage and wise approach, which contributed to the promotion of the culture of tolerance, cohabitation and peace among the different nations of the world.

He was on tour with His Excellency dr. Iousefom Al-Obaidli, the general manager of the Sheikh Zaied Center mosque in the mosque halls and its outer corridors, and through one of the culture specialists in the mosque learned about the message of a whole civilization that calls for coexistence, tolerance and openness to the other, and the great role that the Great a mosque center in the definition of culture and promote cultural communication between different cultures and nations around the world.

They also learned about the aesthetics of the mosque and the splendor of Islamic architecture, which is clearly manifested in all its corners, and contains unique collections and miracles of Islamic civilization through centuries of artistic and architectural projects that have met their diversity and diversity in the design of the mosque, in order to reflect the beauty of harmony and harmony in creative work. One, as well as the date of the founding of the Grand Mosque and the mission of the founder of the father Sheik Zaied bin Sultan Al Nahyan, "let God free his soul".

At the end of the visit, the Director-General of the Center gave the President of Zimbabwe a copy of the book "Spaces of the Noor", one of the publications of the Zaehée Sheikh Mosque Center, which includes numerous photographs and photographs of the "Photographic Space of Photography" that the Center organizes annually and highlights the aesthetics of Islamic architecture. gave him a copy of the book "The Houses of God," which deals with the history of the mosques in Islamic history, including the Great Mosque of Sheikh Zaied.

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