Saturday , June 3 2023

Amazon has selected the cities of its new headquarters / Nevs /


Amazon today will call two US cities in which it intends to deploy its new headquarters.

This was reported by The Vall Street Journal.

According to the source, the selection of Amazon fell to New York's Long Island Citia and in the Cristal Citia area of ​​Arlington, Virginia, both located near the centers of major cities – New York and Washington DC.

Long Island Citi is the largest city in New York, where more than 16,000 new residential buildings have been built since 2006.

And in Cristal City, the office and residential buildings of the 1960s, there is another house of Amazon's head, Jeff Bezos.

Amazon began looking for a new headquarters in September 2017. Initially, 238 cities were considered. In January of this year, the company announced a list of 20 cities that came to the finals.

A week ago, Amazon announced that it would split a new headquarters, and it would be located in two cities, as it would be easier to hire enough qualified staff. That's how 25,000 people will work in each new headquarters.

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