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Babkina publicly humiliated Mountain :: Shovbiz :: Dni.ru

On the show "Fashion sentence" artist Nadezhda Babkina spoke about her relationship with singer Yevgeni Gore. Some fans considered her words as degrading.

The theme of the next issue of the "Fashion sentence" was mesalliance. The heroes came to the transfer to change the clothes of a 21-year-old girl. Her 42-year-old selector explained that they often come out, but the lady looks too young, even childish. The exhibitor, Alexander Vasilyev, replied: "There are still more urgent things! It's an indication that I had it. There used to be a difference, but it's already unseen now."

His co-leader Nadezhda Babkin corrected fashion fashion historian, saying he was still satisfied with singer Yevgeni Gore, who is 30 years younger. And then she added: "Now there is no difference. He became an old man, and I was younger!" Judging by the comments, not all fans liked Babkin's phrase. Many viewed this as degrading to the Mountains.

However, during 16 years of marriage with a singer, Eugene really changed – visibly gray and red. No new songs of a 39-year-old artist are heard. However, lovers look happy, and the fact that the relationship is not arranged is not confused. On the contrary.

Recently, Nadezhda Babkina said why she would not marry Yevgeni Gore. "Many say that the notorious mark does not change anything, but it seems to me that it makes significant corrections in people's lives. Now we are together well and I'm not sure that I'm ready to make changes. That responsibility will simply destroy me. In that sense, I feel as an absolute free bird, "explained Nadezhda Babkin.

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