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Devil Mai Cri 5: Drag my hell

Devil Mai Cri 5: Drag my hell

The fans waited for Devil Mai Cri 5 to return for 11 years, and the fact that the game came out was a little miraculous in itself, given that DimC: Devil Mai Cri from the Ninja theory was unclear. Let's try to determine if Capcom took into account the past mistakes.

Genre Slasher
Platforms PC / PlaiStation 4 / Xbox One
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Website, Steam

Just say that Capcom once again decided not to upset the fans, and we are waiting for a direct sequel to the fourth part of the story, the usual game mechanics has not changed, but only supplemented, while borrowing certain ideas from DmC, although present, is not particularly striking. At the same time, they were also thinking about novices – they prepared a brief overview of the events of the previous parts for them, so you do not have to be confused with unknown characters.

It is difficult to talk about a shop without spoilers, the story of the fifth part can be pronounced in several sentences without any problems (which, however, does not mean that it is bad). Let's just say that a few years have passed since the events of Devil Mai Cri 4, Dante, Ladi and Trish are still running a job from the old office, while Nero opened his agency and with the help of mechanical engineer Niko, the grandson of the gunman who created the pistols. Dante, traveling around the county of Redgrave in a van, decorated with a neon sign, Devil Mai Cri. Things go well, while one day a mysterious alien at the same time does not lose Nero's demonic hand and Iamat, so the guy is now forced to use the multifunctional but fragile dentures that Nico makes from the scrap material. Soon, at the doorstep of Dante's agency, You – a young man with a sick look with the volume of Willie Blake in his arms, and offers a contract to kill the demon Urizen, claiming Mundus's throne and preparing an invasion of the human world. Well, then, of course, everything will not go according to plan.

It is necessary to play for three characters in a row, and Dante becomes available only in the second half of the game, for the first five or six hours, the player is forced to lead Nero and Vee. First, honest, boring standard. His main weapon remains the sword of the Red Queen with us known from the last part of the mechanics of Eccellence, which allows deliver more powerful blows and almost useless revolver. Prostheses preserve a situation that allows a radical change in the style of fighting – some are focused on long-range battles, others throw their opponents, others stun them, beat them with electric power, neutralize them for some time, or treat character. At any time, the prosthesis can burst into the air, causing serious damage to surrounding enemies. Unfortunately, mechanical hands are not eternal – if Nero takes damage when carrying out an attack with a prosthesis, he will break, so the hero takes with him a whole bunch of spare limbs, which, by the way, looks as dull as possible. Moreover, Niko does not miss the opportunity to remind that each hand is an artwork, but at the same time prostheses lie almost at every corner, even at those levels where, in theory, the loophole has not yet looked. Conventionality, of course, but a bit boring, as well as the fact that it is impossible to switch between them, and sometimes you must consciously destroy half of the available dentures to get to what is most suitable for the current situation.

In turn, we are equally different from everything we previously saw in Devil Mai Criu. Trailers had the impression that the role of a fighter would be assigned to him, but he was not at all a fighter, all the work was done by his family, whose movements of the player can not be controlled. The Griffon Demon Crow is responsible for air attacks, hitting the enemy with lightning discharge and capable of carrying Vea for short distances. Demon Panther Shadov deals with the enemies on the ground, occasionally turning from a huge cat to a mess of thorns and blades. The devil moves Vee – a huge uncontrolled nightmare, where, after pumping out the appropriate skill, he can sit and hide from the demon. Families, unlike their poor host, do a lot of damage, but they can not kill the demons themselves, here the Vee's stick comes well, with which ends exhausted opponents. First, C causes mixed feelings – instead of concentrating on making chains from the combination, you have to make sure that you hit the attacker's buttons in time, so that you do not get far away from animals, so they can come to life more quickly if they are killed, but at the same time Keep up From the enemies – they hurt the hookup, they do not have time to blink. At first glance, it seems that V is a difficult and strange character, but as soon as the monsters begin to die in the series, there will be time to read the book at the height of the battle. In the literal sense: in this way, you accelerate the filling of the devil's energy scale.

The far-reaching Dante, it is expected, turns out to be colder than the two mentioned characters in combination. At any moment, he can change the style of the fight and the weapon, which allows him to make endless combinations and immediately move from a powerful but slow move to a weak, but hellish fast. Everything is common with styles – Trickster allows you to avoid enemy shots and quickly get close, Blade Master focuses on crowded weapons, and Shooter, or firearms, Guardsman, one of the toughest styles, is used to play defensively. In the popular audience's arsenal, good old weapons are Rebellion and Sparda Swords, Ebony & Evoy Pistols, Coiote-A shotgun, set of gloves and guards, gained a new name, and Cerberus nunchuck. Of course, there were also a few new crazy products – for you, the Cavaliere motorcycle is divided into two chainsaws or other. Faust, allowing the use of red spheres as ammunition?

The Devil Mai Cri 5 combat system is now deservedly praised in every way; it is indeed one of the best in the genre, although it requires it to get used to it, as it sometimes abuses a number of buttons that need to be pressed to perform even basic things such as dodging or moving the enemy. Special strikes require a very precise timing. With the latter it helps to understand the animation, which, in my opinion, deserves no less praise from the combat system itself. The movement of characters clearly shows when you hit the strike button to continue the combination and look so natural that sometimes you get the impression that you are watching a live action movie. This effect enhances the beautiful facial animation. It is unlikely that I will be far from the truth if I say that animations in Devil Mai Cri 5 are almost the best in the industry, to make sure of that, you just need to look at how we sort the stick, stop or start the movement.

Unfortunately, as far as photorealistic characters in Devil Mai Cri 5 (thanks, RE Engine), the landscape in which the action takes place is equally unclear. While the heroes fight in the streets of Redgrave Citia, you do not pay attention to it, but the closer the finale is, the lower the level of design. In the last few hours, the heroes are sent to monotonous hell, which would seem unsuitable even in the indie average project.

Well, more in the game and nothing to complain about. We can say with certainty that the long wait was completely justified and that we got a complete sequel, with a wonderful combat system, good humor, a dynamic soundtrack that dynamically adjusts to the current style and incredibly cool animations. In short, this game must be in the collection of every real slasher.

Pros: Three characters with different fighting styles; complete extension of the series; high dynamics; plot

Cons: Low level design

Conclusion: Here is a triumphant return to Hideaki Ituno

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