Friday , June 2 2023

Early Birth: Experts Unexpectedly Reported About Pregnancy Megan Markle – Stars


Less than two weeks have passed since the whole world knew Megan Markle's pregnancy. Now this topic does not fall from the lover's mouth to look at the intimate life of the royal family of Britain.

Fans, courteous experts, and people who are simply interested in celebrity life are actively discussing the gender, name, number of children and timing of the unborn child. Arguments come from different, sometimes rather unexpected, factors.

In particular, the remark that Megan Markle's new family deceived the gesture era, he saw the wife of Harry's wife's wedding ring recently. The jewels have three different colored stones. All of them, fans believe, symbolize a family member – the prince, the duchess, and his baby.

Gemologists and gemstones experts have decided that the colors of the stones are not randomly selected and all of them indicate Harry, Megan and their child's birth month. So emerald August emerald and Megan Markle was born this month. The Blue Sapphire was born in September, like Prince Harry.

Well, the third stone in the princess's ring – a diamond. This is the symbol of April. Thus, experts conclude that the royal family's child is born only this month and not in May, as announced earlier.

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