Sunday , October 2 2022

Efremov responded to the proposal to deprive him of the honorary artist's name


MOSCOW, November 8 – RIA news. The actor Mikhail Efremov commented on the proposal to abolish the title of honorary artist of Russia.

Garik Sukachev. Archival photography
Sukachev replied to Makarevic on the statement about the Crimea

"I'm on the drum," Efrem's FAN quotes.

Earlier media reported that a member of the advisory council for the development of information society and media in the State Duma Vadim Manukjan proposed that the person be deprived of the title because of a statement about the Ukrainian radio station. In his opinion, this will allow the creation of a mechanism for withdrawing slow titles from an artist who shames him.

Manukjan's proposal was made after the artist's statement about Russia's "imperial conditions and phantom pains". Efremov called the period of perestroika a period of phenomenal sensation and expressed the hope that he also had a "little Soviet".

The name of the honorary artist of Russia Efremov was awarded in 1995.

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