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Emili Ratakovski explains why he is publishing hot photos


Emili Ratakovski explains why he is publishing hot photosEmili Ratakovski called the GK Australia Men of the Iear Mad award.

One of the world's most famous models, Emili Ratakovski, honestly acknowledged why her blog on Instagram is filled with spicy photos. She did it during the GK Australia Men's the Iear Awards.

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The 27-year-old model who received the award in the nomination "Woman of the Year" did not miss the opportunity to perform in front of the audience. Suddenly Emili Ratakovski called the Australian Men of the Iear lude awards and answered the question that millions of fans were interested in – the fashion model explained why she was wearing bikini and posted open photos in them. However, the answer was far from simple, as subscribers to her blog thought.

I think "Woman of the Year" is a pretty crazy title. I believe it is important to deny stereotypes in 2018. It's about versatility. This also applies to wearing bikinis on the beach and my protest. I do not think that one of us should be limited to the box or to the perception we implanted! – Ratakovski said.

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According to the model, she is a striking supporter of feminism, so she publicly defends her right to look the way she suits her. Accordingly, no public opinion or limitation will affect his choice.

Earlier, Emili Ratkovsky said she was delighted with her figure, so she was not shy about showing her beauty. The model added that every woman should love what she is and not pay attention to the condemnation of society. That's why there are many bathers and seductive underwear in the wardrobe of Ratakovski, and her blog is saturated with sex images.

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