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Exchange rate: the dollar in Ukraine will grow

The dollar in Ukraine has fallen from the second half, and the other day the trend has taken place for 180 degrees. The price of the official currency rose from 26.4 to 26.7 UAH / $. Next week, the hryvnia can become cheaper, falling below the psychological mark of 27 UAH / $.

THE BULLETIN has discovered what will happen to the dollar in Ukraine.

Main thing:

  • the dollar has gone from falling to strengthening;

  • the value of the currency will grow at least another week;

  • the situation remains stable, and the dollar can fall again in a few weeks;

  • If you need currency, it's best to buy it in small portions in the first half of each month.

The trend is reversed, but the situation can be corrected

In a few days, the dollar in Ukraine is steadily growing. Prior to that, the currency fell to a record high in 2019, after reaching 26.2-26.3 UAH / $. Now the trend has changed.

"The National Bank was even forced to change the role of the buyer of the currency on the interbank market to the seller," explains Vadim Iosub, senior analyst at Alpari. Thus, in order to alleviate the appreciation of the dollar, the regulator began to sell the US currency from its reserves.

The analyst is confident: in the coming week, the US currency will continue to grow, but that does not mean that the trend is finally broken. "In the short run, the decline in the national currency is likely to continue. For the next week, we expect the dollar to rise against the hryvnia," – predicts Iosub.

Therefore, according to his estimates, in all segments of the market the hryvnia will fall below the psychological mark. However, at the same time, financial analyst Vladimir Mazurenko believes that the decline will be sluggish, and for seven days the rate can reach 26,9 UAH / $. From March 16 – 26.7 UAH / $.

The dollar in Ukraine will come to a psychological mark: what will happen to the hryvnia

"Now we see signs of continuation of at least a short-term devaluation in the market. The range between the buying and selling rate has increased by 0.2%, the value of the currency has increased and will continue to grow," said Vladimir Mazurenko.

Analyst Egor Komov also predicts devaluation during the week. At the same time, the expert recalls: the mood of the participants in the market depends on the political processes in the country. Within a few weeks, Ukraine will host the first round of presidential elections.

"Prior to the election, important political events, we always observe: participants are afraid that something will" spoil "now, dramatically change, and so on. Therefore, yes, I think it will see two weeks of very smooth fluctuations in the direction of appreciation of the dollars. "Mazurenko. According to his estimates, the dollar will rise to 26.9-27 UAH / $.

When it's better to buy the currency

Interviewed analysts are sure: it is extremely difficult to earn on fluctuations in the exchange rate. This is not always possible for professionals, and for Ukrainians who do not have special financial knowledge, this is almost impossible to do.

"I think it is more correct to ask the question: How to buy a currency in the situation of course fluctuation, not how to make money on it," Komov explains. For example, if you need dollars for traveling abroad, or for opening a currency account, etc., it's best to buy the currency every month. Wait a minute is not worth it.

First, it is important to keep in mind that even with repeated seasonal factors, the situation may change. That is, it's hard to guess the exact moment when it's more profitable to buy. Second, buying dollars in small quantities will "smooth out" possible risks.

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If it takes several dollars or euros after several months, it is best to buy the currency in the second week of the month, then the minimum pressure applies to the hryvnia. However, at the end of the month, demand is also increasing due to payments in foreign currency. That is, the hryvnia, for example, 15, is likely to be stronger than the 30th.

If the currency is needed for savings, it is necessary to maximize the risk. Buy three currencies at once, two of which are necessarily dollars and euros. And you need to change the hryvnia to dollars in small installments once a month. If you postpone your salary, buying a currency is better once a month. Then, fluctuations can be smoothened, which reduces the risks.

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