Thursday , December 3 2020 distributes the Obduction – Gambling

In online store The summer festival began: mass sales in honor of the beginning of the hot season. Discount lovers can buy cheaper for more than two thousand games without DRM.
E.g BioShock Infinite Complete Edition. The final part of the trilogy is for the first time sold without protection and immediately with a discount of -75%. Anyone who decides to collect the whole collection at can immediately purchase the first parts: BioShock Remastered i BioShock 2 Remastered 67% cheaper.

It was first sold with a discount, although symbolically, games that were only recently reissued: first Diablo and classic Varcraft i Varcraft 2. They also participate in the sale Saga about the bannerseries Mafia, Veedcraft inc, Frostpunk, Back Obra Dinn, series "The vitcher"And many other games."

The largest discount store installed on the first person's adventurous puzzle Obduction. Game creators Mist will remind you of classic mysterious tasks: the new unknown world hides a secret, and on the way you will have to solve many mysteries. You can pick up the game for free for two days.

New days, new games appear in the sales range, so you should look at the main store page for new deals. The discount festival will last until June 17th.

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