Monday , November 29 2021

In the center of Kiev there was a conflict between right-wing radicals and participants in the march for the rights of transgender people – Ukraine


In the center of Kiev on Sunday, November 18, representatives of right-wing organizations disrupted themselves march for rights of transgender organizations, reports NGO "Insight". The gathering place was postponed several times, according to activists, the March was agreed with the main authorities and law officials, but on the day of the park's maintenance near the red building of the University of Kiev. Shevchenko started the action of right-wing radicals and representatives of religious communities.

Trans-March participants plan to announce their requests to the ministries of health, internal affairs and other competent authorities to announce the ICD-11 implementation plan (International Classification of Diseases – Ed.) In Ukraine, and adopts a new clinical protocol for medical assistance to transgender people.

In addition to abolishing the ban on adoption for them, the inclusion of gender identity symbols in anti-discrimination legislation and the list of signs on which manifestations of violence should be considered as hate crimes.

Representatives of radical organizations met with marches at the entrance to the metro station. The university, law enforcement officials and police dialogue organized a cordon between these two groups, writes the Ukrainian Justice.

Unknown people threw smoke bombs on August, two activists suffered as a result of sprinkling of tear gas. Later they took emergency help. Canadian journalist Michael Colborne hit his face and smashed his glasses.

Participants of "Trans * Marta" were forced to stop the action and go to the metro. The police, commenting on what happened in the center of the capital, reported that they must split the marshals and actions of the right-wing radicals to "prevent conflicts".

"In order to prevent conflicts, the police divided the participants. At that time, an unknown person used a gas spray, which meant that two people needed medical assistance," said the National Police Department in Kiev.

However, RFERL journalist Christopher Miller called the actions of police officers unprofessional. "Dozens of activists were thrown into the metro through the turnstiles because they did nothing to prevent the actions of right-wing radicals who threw smoke bombs," he wrote in his Twitter account. A similar assessment of police procedures was given to participants of the "Trans * march".

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Let's remember, June 17th year "mart equality" was held in Kiev, about five thousand representatives of the LGBT community and their supporters participated in the human rights campaign.

Prior to the commencement of the rally, activists of nationalist and religious organizations and police officers clashed. As a result of the conflict, activists and five members of the police suffered. The information was provided to the ERDR in accordance with Articles 342 (Resistance to the Law Enforcement Officer) and 345 (threat or violence against the law enforcement officer) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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