Tuesday , November 24 2020

It was named the best song in human history – Yesterday – The Beatles

The song Yesterday The British band The Beatles, released in 1965, has become the best music composition in the history of mankind.

Ranking hundreds of the best songs of all time, where the famous hit "Bittlov" won the first place, it was the financial portal 24/7 Vall Street.

When compiling the list, sales of the composition, appearance on Billboard charts, number of cover covers and popularity among music lovers were taken into account.

Yesterday 665 covers were taken. In the Billboard Hot-100 charts, the composition was 11 weeks. The cult hit by Paul McCartney (to listen to the song, follow the news to the end).

The second line was a composition Bridge over problem water from duets Simon & Garfunkel, published in 1970. Over 400 covers were filmed on it and she remained on Billboard Hot-100 for 14 weeks. The third place was won by the British singer Adele Rolling In The Deep 2010 She was on the charts for 65 weeks and she got 84 covers (video with songs, see below).

In the top 10 hits Hei Jude from the The beatles Everything from me american singer John Legend Bad romance performers Ladi Gaga, Bohemian rhapsody collectively Kueen, Let it be from the The beatles i It's not the sun Bill Vithers.

Keep in mind that the Beatles also became leaders in the number of most successful compositions. (a complete list has been published on USA Todai).

Three of the best songs in the history of humanity according to Vall Street 24/7:

According to OBOZREVATEL, listeners at the British Smooth Radio station ranked the top 500 songs of all time. At the top of the charts was singer Ed Sheeran and one of his hits "Perfect".

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