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Only Tymoshenko is calm, like death, obviously knowing what we do not know / GORDON

Nadezhda Savchenko, a non-fugitive deputy deputy in charge, does not rule out that in the presidential elections Shovman Vladimir Zelenski "surrenders to the interests" in favor of the leader of the "homeland" of Yulia Tymoshenko, which can be included in the cold and cynical death of the Ukrainian nation.

Ukraine's presidential candidate, party leader Batkivstina, Yulia Tymoshenko, is behaving unusually peacefully ahead of the vote. This opinion was expressed by a closed, non-refundable deputy Nadezhda Savchenko, whose letter was published on her Facebook page on March 17th.

"Traditionally, in all elections, Tymoshenko leaves the skin to become the president of Ukraine. This time is nervous. [баллотирующегося на второй президентский срок Петра] Poroshenko. … And only Tymoshenko this time is calm, as well as death itself. He holds the image of a godly nation's grandmother, because, obviously, he knows what we do not know, the Ukrainians, "wrote a deputy.

According to her, watching the behavior of Poroshenko, Tymoshenko and Shovman of Vladimir Zelensky, "the thought is pulled, not whether we will slip pig".

"Poroshenko is a war and another state of emergency, a green betrayal and the transfer of interest in favor of Tymoshenko, Tymoshenko is the cold and cynical death of our Ukrainian nation." "When will we, Ukrainians, learn not to replace the substitution of concepts? Discrimination of the present and the false?" from hypocrisy ?! The truth from the lie? "- asked Savchenko.

Elections for the president of Ukraine are scheduled for March 31, 2019. The election campaign began on December 31, 2018. On March 8, the Central Election Commission approved a final list of 39 presidential candidates.

According to a survey conducted by SOCIS Center for Social and Marketing Research in March, Green is ready to vote 27.7% of respondents those who came to the polls and decided to choose, for Poroshenko – 19.6%, Tymoshenko – 14.8%.

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