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Prince Charles's favorite women – what they look like


Camilla Parker-Bovles has always been regarded as the love of his life.

Prince Charles Photo: Getti

Prince Charles Photo: Getti

Today, November 14, Prince William and Harry's father Prince Charles celebrates his 70th birthday. On his birthday, the Kensington Palace in social networks has released new official images of the royal family, but on the eve of photo hackers merged into the network.

In the life of Prince Charles, there were few women or not everyone had learned about the media. We can recall women with whom, in certain years of life, she was the son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Camilla Parker-Bovles

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Prince Charles and Camilla

Photo: AFP

This Camilla is considered the main woman in the life of Prince Charles. She met Charles in the early seventies, and then a romance broke out between them. However, Elizabeth II did not like such a candidate for the role of the successor's wife on the throne. That's why Charles is recommended to get rid of Camille.

In 1973, the prince's lover married the army Andrew Parker-Bovles. However, neither her marriage nor Charles's relationship with Diana had stopped them. Feelings again broke up in 1986. In February 2005, the longest and most powerful romance in the history of the British crown turned into a wedding. Elizabeth II was not present at the ceremony.

Princess Diana (Diana Spencer)


Princess diana

Photo: Getti

Charles and Diana met in 1977. Then the prince of Wales met with his sister Diana Sarah. The feelings between the prince and the educators broke out in 1980, and the engagement and marriage took place in 1981. In the beginning everything was fine, Diana gave birth to two sons, but Charles's feelings for Camille took over. As Diana admitted in an interview: "There were three of us in this marriage, so there was a little crowd." The divorce was formalized in July 1996, and after an additional 13 months, Diana tragically died in Paris.

Susan George


Susan George

Photo: The frame from the film "Slomi psi"

Prince Charles was fascinated by the actress Susan George for some time. In the mid-seventies, the girl had an extremely suspicious reputation. The Prince invited him to celebrate his thirtieth birthday in 1978. Then it became public short-lived romance of an actress and a prince. A couple of months later, the pair was broken. Susan married actor Simon McCorkindale.

Amanda Natchbull


Amanda Natchbull

Photo: Getti

Queen Elizabeth strictly insisted on marrying Amanda, Charles liked her, but she was still too young. Sources from the escort of the royal family said that in 1977 the prince sent a proposal to the girl during a joint holiday on the island of Eleuthera. Amanda said no. According to the rumors, she does not like Charla, his arrogance and love. In any case, Amanda married in the late 1980s. Her favorite was the writer Charles Ellingvorth.

Anna Oates


Anna Oates


Prince Charles had met with Sarah Spencer in 1980, but they often split up and Charles had other hobbies. One of the girls was Ana Oates. The press was talking about a direct wedding, but the triumph did not happen. Ana once admitted that no one else acted as badly as Prince Charles.

Recall, Prince Charles will receive an unpleasant gift, or a divorce from his wife Camille Parker-Bovles, with whom he has lived in marriage for 13 years. Divorce is required by Camilla himself, which is threatens to reveal all family secrets and ask for $ 400 million for silence, media reported.


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