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Prutula gave a tough statement. Politeka

She was shocked by the scandalous details of the national selection

The leader of the national selection for Eurovision 2019, Sergei Pritula, has told shocking details about the national selection for Eurovision 2019.

According to the exhibitors, some producers pose strange conditions: "If my artist wins, we will come. Why do we need everyone else? Let's just take your artist, she will sing in the first semifinals, in the second, in the final

Sergei clutched

It is interesting that, according to the exhibitors, singer Olia Poliakova invited 50,000 dollars for participation in the national selection.

Manufacturer TAIANNA Mihail Iasinski, without any explanation, withdrew the protester from the competition. Many think TAIANNA refused to take part because of the fear of losing KAZAKH groups. Music producer of the competition Ruslan Kvinta, after finding out about the removal of the actress, could not contact her:

"I started to call artists and directors – no one picked up the phone." Ukrainian producer Igor Kondratiuk also commented on the participants of the National Selection: "It's an absolutely unacceptable story for me. No one is forced to walk in his pants and wave with the Ukrainian flag. But it was necessary to include the brain in the fifth year of the war.

In addition, Sergei Pritula acknowledged that he was constantly getting angry and threatening messages in social networks:

"They are writing to me that Ukraine will not participate in Eurovision this year. Some Ukrainians are angry that the host raised the Russian question" on the scene. In his defense, Pritula stated that he acted exclusively in the interests of the audience:

"Everyone wanted to ask. That's why I brought these questions. "

Recall that the famous Ukrainian TV host Sergei Pritula actively runs his page on Facebook. He said that he and his wife visited Denmark. Pritula placed the corresponding message on his personal page on the social network.

"And what did you do with time in picturesque Copenhagen?" !! Immersed in the rain and frozen like puppies! But time is not an obstacle for happy songwriting;))) !!! Beautiful Atmospheric. Calmli Paradise for cyclists. And, what's weird, very tasty (especially not expected). In Denmark for the first time, but it is guaranteed to return somewhere during the flight. And with the kids! "- wrote the leader.

Recall, Pritula brought into Jamie's hysteria to the national selection of Eurovision: "I did not know what you are"

As Politek reported, Pritula addressed the Ukrainians after the victory of MARUV: "You have specific advice here"

And Politek wrote that Pritula was annoyed through the selection for Eurovision: "Stop talking! This is very important! "

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