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Scandal at Eurovision: the organizers of the competition said Madonna had deceived them

On the back of the singer's dancers were the flags of the infected Palestine and Israel.

For a ten-minute performance in the Eurovision Song Contest – 2019, Madonna got a million dollars. The compensation is paid by Canadian-Israeli businessman Silvan Adams.

As she suits the pop queen, Madonna pulled out the intrigue to the end. Contract with the organizers was signed two days before the final. The singer and her 100-person team occupied the entire floor at one of the five-star hotels in Tel Aviv. According to the rumors, the Russian delegation had to move to make places for Madonna and her escort.

The singer performed after the appearance of 26 competitors. The first audience heard the song "As a Prayer" – this year marks 30 years. The performances began with a choir performed by a choir of 35 people. They were all dressed as monks. The singer appeared in a black dress with a silver crown on her head and a pirate's eye.

On another song, Madonna stayed in one basket with a conical bust (we did not expect others) and a transparent skirt from Jean-Paul Gotie. In the duet with Kuerpark, pop-diva sang the song "Future". It was the world premiere of the track from her new album "Madame X", which will be released on June 14th.

In this issue dancers danced wreaths and gas masks. Girls – in white, boys – in black. Good and evil. War and peace. But that was just the beginning of a provocation. At the end of the performance, the ballet climbed up the stairs. The last, enthralled, walked after a boy and a girl, on whose back were images of the flags of Israel and Palestine. The military conflict between these countries has continued since 1967. The hall led Madonna with an angry whistle.

On the back of the singer there were flags of the infected Palestine and Israel. Photo: REUTERS

When the host asked Madonna about what he was trying to show with his performance, the singer replied: "Never underestimate the power of music to unite people."

The appearance of the flag in Madonna's room did not agree with the organizers of the competition. Eurovision is positioned as a celebration of music that is out of politics.

– In a direct transfer of the Eurovision Song Contest, two Madonna dancers briefly showed the Israeli and Palestinian flags on the back of their bones. This element of the presentation was not part of the tests taken separately from EBU and Host Broadcast, Kan. The song of Eurovision is a non-political event, and Madonna was informed of this, – it is said in the statement of the organizer of the competition.

What will Madonna do about the violation of the rules? Nothing. The fee has already been received. Most of all, she will not be invited to sing at the competition. But she does not need any more.


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