Saturday , June 3 2023

The West Ham leader has expressed his willingness to leave the club


Austrian striker Marko Arnautovic admits he can leave "Cekic" because of his participation in the Champions League team, reports the UNN in relation to Nezavisnik.

"I'm 29 years old, so I'm at my peak. It's clear to me that I want to compete with the best players, but I fully trust this question to my brother," Arnautovic said.

In addition, the brother of advanced and part-time, his agent Daniel, said the Austrian player could leave West Ham at the start of 2019, and "Last summer he was very close to changing the club."

It should be noted that Andrei Jarmolenko's partner in the club scored 11 goals in the last season of the Premier League, and already five in 10 matches.

UNN help: Arnautovic started his career in the Dutch "Twente", then joined Inter in 2009 under Mourinho's leadership. Then the striker was not the main player, as the Portuguese coach said he was "a fantastic person ahead, but he has a childlike attitude towards football". Later, the striker proved himself in Wanderers for three years from where he went to Stoke City in summer 2013 and was the key player in four seasons. In 2017, he moved to West Ham at that time for a record £ 25 million for the club.

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