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There is no life: the three most complex pairs according to the zodiac signs


It seems we are sometimes disappointed with our partners. It seems that so much time has been invested in relationships, so we have agreed many times to make concessions; however, it was not possible to move from one place, to achieve mutual understanding and respect for one another, sincerity of words, feelings and actions.

It is necessary to look for the root of such troubles not only in yourself and your partner, in the complexity of our characters and way of life. Sometimes it answers many questions in the horoscope because not all zodiac signs are compatible, and they do not always contradict each other. OBOZREVATEL offers the reader the first three most complex zodiac signs.

There is no life: the three most complex pairs according to the zodiac signs


Aries and Aries

Two identical signs of the zodiac often show the negative effects of the merger than it seems. However, there is no explosive mixture similar to a pair of Aries. Their relationship – a barrel of barutas, which are now thrown from side to side, from fire love to acute hatred, and no one knows when to wait for an explosion. With confidence we can only say that this is happening in 9 cases from 10.

Virgins and twins

Representatives of these zodiac signs are extremely difficult to raise under one roof. They often do not understand, often they do not want to. Virgo + Gemini is a difficult case of incompatibility, which often leads the partner in a blind corner and causes an unpleasant feeling of dependence, because both characters are indecisive. Nobody else has the courage to make the first step towards separation.


Lions are great fans of independence, they are freedom, decisive. What is bad, it seems, in these characteristics? However, these qualities of Ley begin to manifest themselves only in time, simply by ejecting the Cancer. They feel uncomfortable, do not find a place for themselves, and even less power to influence a related soul. Often these relationships are very short.

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