Tuesday , May 30 2023

Top 3 most secure vehicles in 2018


The Toiota Land Cruiser Prado, the central terrain vehicle, was running a registry.

The results of the voting "AUTO RATINGS OF IEAR – 2018" – an annual survey that determines the preferences of Russian drivers – were published in the capital of the Russian Federation.

Subaru Forester – the most modern car.

As for the "reliable", then the main role is played, if the car is adapted to the Russian conditions. In the "Workers" category, Lada Largus surpassed, Land Rodeo Cruiser Prado was declared the most reliable, while the Subaru Forester was most relevant to our time. Users pay attention to the quality of materials and assembly of vehicles, operational performance of components and assemblies, as well as the quality of assembly and materials.

Also, on the ranking list, the best cars were identified in the following segments: cars "Vorkhorse", "Modern", "Famili". In the second category, where space and economy were taken into account, Lada Largus was born. Honored silver received at least the budget-based Korean model Hiundai Solaris, known in our country, closed the top three GAZELLE NEXT. In this category, choose reliable, spacious, economical, best for the price and cheap for car maintenance. The line below is Subaru Forester, and the first three are closed Lada Largus.

In the category "Contemporary cars", stylish cars with a high degree of environmental protection were considered. Here, the three leaders formed Subster Forester, Volvo KSC90 and Audi A8, respectively.

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