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"Ural" announced the new engine


The device is powered under the slogan "Old look and big changes."

The famous brand "Ural" announced the appearance of a new motorcycle in the production line 2019. The device is powered under the slogan "Old look and big changes." The announcement of the motorcycle was posted on the website of the manufacturer in English – we remind that in recent years America has been the main market of classic three-wheel models produced in the Urals, reports on

In motorized cylinders for better performance at high temperatures. Also increased cooling cooling pads – for better cooling. The geometry of the suction and exhaust system is optimized – for more efficient operation. The head cover is also redesigned.

They changed the pistons themselves – adding a lot of high-strength materials. The amount of engine oil increased to 2.6 liters.

There is a new injection system – with the Keihin fire extinguisher. A gas position sensor appeared – in order to improve the response. Fuel pressure is increased – in order to improve fuel atomization. We also installed improved catalysts to reduce air pollution.

All three points use the same hubs, making them totally interchangeable. The discs are also installed by a new supplier from now and are made of another aluminum alloy.

The engine volume did not change – all the same 750 cubes. The appearance of the motorcycle has remained almost the same – it is still the same incredible old school motorcycle with a sidewalk from Soviet times. Maximum power – 41 hp at 5 500 rpm The compression ratio is 8.6 to 1.

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The motorcycle will be available from January 2019. The announced price for the US market is $ 17,000. Motorcycles in the United States and Canada offer a two-year guarantee of unlimited mileage. You can get a third year warranty – for an additional $ 850.

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