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Zaitseva is bad again: victims of the accident in Sumy complain that the process has been postponed


Today, on November 13, 2018, a regular meeting was held in Kyiv district court in Kharkov in the case of the Sumy fatal accident.

The judge announced the results of the tests that the experts of the Institute named after Bokari prepared for November 1. Criminals concluded that before the start of the movement, the car for Gennadi Dronov would stop behind the traffic lights, the front of the foreign car was at the crossroads. After that, the Accused's lawyer requested the withdrawal of the expert, but his speech was interrupted due to problems with recording equipment, reports NevsRoom.

Judge Victor Popras announced a technical break. Immediately after that, the other accused, Aliona Zaitseva, complained of nausea, said she felt worse and asked her to be taken out of the "aquarium". Soon the girl was returned to the camera, around 15:00 the meeting was continued in the second room.

Oksana Nesterenko from Kiev arrived at today's meeting, who suffered a serious injury to her leg in a terrible accident.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's enough to say, but I do not understand why the case is delayed," said the victim.

Court over an accident at Sumy in Kharkov. Photo: MediaPort

Court over an accident at Sumy in Kharkov. Photo: MediaPort

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In the evening of October 18, 2017, six pedestrians were killed in Kharkov after a collision between two SUVs and another 5 injured. Police arrested the alleged culprit – 20-year-old Alain Zaitseva, who drove a Lexus car.

At a meeting on the selection of preventive measures, the Zaitsev side of the prosecution reported that opiates were found in the urine of a girl. The court chose the stopping measure – Zaitsev was arrested. In anticipation of the next court, the girl is in jail.

Also, the court refused to recognize the injured driver Volkswagen. On November 6, Dronov was informed of the suspicion. He was arrested on November 8th. Dronov continued the hunger strike.

During the investigation, more than 100 people were examined and more than 40 tests were set up. Police opened production against a driving school that taught Zaitsev driving.

Alena Zaitseva and Gennadi Dronov face 5 to 10 years in prison.

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