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A motorcycle killed by a car that allegedly travels in the wrong direction is named


The police called motorcyclists who died after a car accident that allegedly traveled in the wrong direction.

Alan Nicholson, 24, was thrown out of his red Suzuki motorcycle after a collision involving the white Ford Mondeo.

The police said she had traveled south to August in the north of A725 East Kilbride.

Emergency services were also attended by Mr. Nicholson was pronounced dead on the spot.

The 34-year-old man who drove a car was treated for minor injuries at the Hairmires Hospital in east Kilbrid.

Allan Nicholson described him as "a lovely child brother" from his twin

The police said that he was later charged with the incident and that he was on trial at Hamilton's Sheriff Court on Monday.

Officials appeal for information about the fall that occurred on Saturday around 6.45 on Saturday, about half a mile south of Raith Interchange.

Pamela, twin Alana, appeals for information about her tragic death

Chief Inspector Darren Faulds of the police on the roads appealed the information to anyone who was a witness in an accident or previously seen the vehicles.

He said: "I would also ask any drivers with cameras that were on their way around the time of the incident to check their footage in case they captured everything that could be of significance for the investigation.

"Anyone with information should be contacted with a Mothervell police road police unit over 101, citing the incident number 0927 on Saturday, November 10, 2018."

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