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Ant and Dec are holding crisis talks with the management about returning TV


Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelli started planning Ant's TV comeback (Picture: Rek)

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelli take the first steps towards their return to TV as a duo.

The Geordie Couple was split up most of this year after Ant's persuading to drive drinks.

While requesting treatment in rehabilitation, the 42-year-old deviated from his obligations on TV, including the last two episodes of Saturdai Night Takeaway, live Got Talent TV show and the upcoming series "I'm Celebrating Get Me Out Of "Here!

Plans for 2019 are in the air, with Saturdays Night Takeaway taking into account for a year, but the long-awaited duo was noticed, leaving a meeting with their management in London to begin redecorating the TV comeback.

Insider revealed: "The welfare of Anta is at the head of all people and he is in a great place.

"But now they are trying to find out how his return will be planned and how things will work."

Ant is expected to return to British Got Talent in December next year recording the stage of auditions.

Insider added to the Sun: "It was a difficult year for everyone."

Simon Covell, who is a judge at BGT, said earlier that he would welcome Anto back.

Ant, with last year's winner Georgia Toffol, I will not present myself as the first time since the beginning of 2002 (Picture: James Gourlei / REKS / Shutterstock)

He told reporters earlier this year: "For a long time we knew each other and stood by the people you worked with over the years. The most important thing is that he started. He will come back together.

"This is happening, it happens to people all over the world. People, for whatever reason, go in August and you are standing like these situations to your partners. It's always been.

"But the show goes on, it's just that."

In the meantime, Decu will join Holly Villoughby when I return to Celebrity later this month after picking Ant himself.

"It was part of an off-topic discussion," said the mother of the three Mail Online. "He is happy to take care of him until he returns. It helps us to find out."

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