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Blizzard explains why there is still no black man


Early Concepts for the Latest Hero Overvatcha, Ashe
Image: Blizzard

Overvatch fans disappointed that Asha should know that six new heroes are in work, Blizzard said Kotaku, and that fans will hope for more diversity in the characters of popular games, we hope to find what they are looking for in the upcoming updates.

"I think if you look at history Overvatch, there were so many people that we represented in the game, "said Game Director Jeff Kaplan Kotaku on BlizzCon last weekend. "We do not have the lack of a hero for whom we are currently working secretly back in Irvine. Now I think the number is about six that we have in development. I do not think people will be disappointed."

"I think that … I do not want to say anything for everyone, because six are not something for everyone," Kaplan said. "There are many more people walking around the planet Earth than that, but I do not think people will be disappointed. We have lots of cool characters that will appear in the next few years."

When Asha, a diabolic basketball with a robot, was released Friday on BlizzCon, people were excited. Some wanted to play like her. The others He wanted her to make her. But when harassment began to die, the discussion moved: Asha is another skinny white woman, people have shown, in a game that does not even have even one hero of a black woman.

"On the one hand, the new thing Overvatch hero! We look forward to seeing what Asha can do. On the other hand …. where is my black female hero, Blizzard ???? " wrote a fan on Twitter, echoing almost endless avalanche of similar feelings.

The disappointment of these fans grew when Blizzard discovered in the later BlizzCon panel that Ashe had darker skin in a very early design. They could not help but look at forming patterns, emphasizing that Early Mercy's iteration of character was black.

There are also potential black heroes who have been on radar fans for years, but who have not yet been able to get into the game.

"Well, Overvatch, what is good?" said illustrator and designer Chris Kindred on Twitter, linking images of two black characters briefly depicted in Vinston's animated short film until 2016. "And, like, the hamster is cool or not, but the streets were hungry for these two of Vinston's movie films."

Some fans even went so far as to create fans of what Asha would look like if she was black:

Overvatch now has 29 heroes, including men and women from all kinds of backgrounds who are not often represented in large budget video games. Doomfist is a Nigerian man, Pharah is an Egyptian woman, and Lucio is a Brazilian DJ. There are even black women accompanying the game, such as Orissa's creator Efi Oladele. However, after all this time, black women are still absent from the list of heroes, although the game faces criticism of the lack of diversity of faces and body types of women.

Writing this story, I asked KotakuGita Jackson, who also considered this issue, for her role. "Every time Blizzard announced a new hero, the fans asked when there would be black women. There are so few black women in the games at all, that they are constantly neglected by a development studio that explicitly wants Overvatch to feel versatile and internationally feeling disturbing, "she said." They made a hamster and other cowboy before they made a black woman. I feel just as if we are not a priority, and while I can not tell them what to do, I feel as if they are not subject to a part of their fanbase that obviously wants to throw money on them. "

For Jeff Kaplan Kotaku to BlizzCon that Ashe is now known to be born from time and sudden inspiration, which played a role in her appearance. Initially, it was only support in Reunion, a new film discovered during BlizzCon. It's conceived as a "McCree piece," but he Overvatch the team saw the video, before the animated version of the video made by the kinematical team, and they took Asha's appearance and personality – and also B.O.B. They decided that Ashe would be the next hero.

"We absolutely have intentions to make a really diversive stake," said Blizzard Senior Engineer Julie Anne Brame. "But again, it came from the kinematics, and it was so special from that amazing film. And it was not, of all things in the world to be chosen, we want to choose this special character, it was" Wow, it's really special a figure that needs to be revived and would really contribute much to our universe. "I think this is what made Asheu separate."

However, this does not explain why Asha could not end up as a blacksmith, nor did she make much of the concern of fans who had waited so long for a hero who speaks to them personally. More characters are on their way, so we hope Blizzard will decide to show his hand sooner rather than later.

We'll have more than mine Overvatch interview soon.

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