Tuesday , May 30 2023

Chief Fulham Shahid Khan reveals reason for dismissal of Slavisa Jokanovic for Claudio Ranieri | Football Sport


Jokanovic led Fulham last season to the Premier League, but he fought at the top.

Fulham is the bottom with five points from 12 games after defeating Liverpool 2-0 on Sunday.

And Khan says he hoped he would not have to change so early in the new season – and insists he would not make a change without a replacement that had already lined up

"I did not expect that I have to publish this statement regarding Slavisa and I want the circumstances to be such that I do not have to," Khan said.


"But our trip this season has brought me what I know is the right decision at the right time for our players, the club and our fans," Khan said.

"Slavisa will always respect and respect everything he has done to bring Fulham back to the top flight team. I hope that everyone in the Fulham family will share my heart for Slavisa and join me in the desire for success and happiness, wherever the next stop is . "

Fulham has been appointed Claudio Ranieri for his replacement on a "multi-year contract".

And Khan thinks his meeting is unsuccessful after his previous success in the game.

"Making the change without the right answer or succession plan was not an option, so one of Claudio's caliber is ready to accept our challenge was consoled but, above all, necessary," Khan said.

"Claudio is without risk and ready for the Premier League, and especially because of what we need at this moment in Fulham.

"His recent collaboration with Leicester City is literally legendary, and then you look at Claudio's experience with Chelsea and big clubs all over Europe, and it's obvious that we are waiting for an extraordinary player in the Fulham Football Club.

Ranieri won the Premier League with Leicester 2016, but was dismissed less than a year later after slipping to a draw.

Then he took over to Nantes in the League 1, but he flew off.

"I am honored to accept Mr Khan's invitation and the opportunity to lead Fulham, a fantastic club with tradition and history," Ranieri said.

"The goal in Fulham should never be to survive in the Premier League, but we must always be a tough opponent and we should expect success.

"This team Fulham has an extraordinary talent that is contrary to his position on the table.

"I know that this team is very capable for better performance, which we will do immediately while we are preparing for Southampton in a hut."

Fulham is now at a price of 5,000 for the Premier League title, the same Leicester price was at the start of the start season.

Alec Apathy of Ladbrokes said: "The Raniera meeting forced us to turn our attention to Fulham to reach the unimaginable next season. It's only possible that the first team from Leicester at the price of 5000/1 to win the title."

Fulham faced Southampton on their next match before playing Chelsea, and then Ranieri's former side of Leicester.

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