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Fallout 76 beta review – What are the results of Fallout 76 – Do I need to order in advance? | Gaming | Fun


Fallout 76 continues next week, on Wednesday, November 14th.

Gamers who have pre-ordered Fallout 76 have the opportunity to put beta on the test, and then offer feedback to the bidders.

The last beta session will be held on November 8th and will remain available to all players on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The three-hour beta will run at 2:00 AM EMT in the US – at 20:00 in the UK.

The Fallout 76 beta has exposed a lot of errors and glitches, and Bethesda has spoken about some repairs he already plans based on test feedback.

Bethesda revealed the major problems that were caused during a series of stress tests.

In-game chat was the source of the debate, with many commentators complaining about the lack of a push-to-talk option.

It turned out that complaints were taken into account, and optionally "push-to-talk" would be applied.

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Bethesda also revealed his intention to support ultra-wide displays of 21: 9 at some time after the launch.

Bethesda is planning to increase the size of the script of the characters, saying: "While the size of the track to 400 weights can be settled over time, we plan to increase it in the future."

Some players complained that the hunger was a buggy and that they will never make up for it, and Bethesda says it has been corrected.

And accidentally shooting and other random noise near Appalachia will contact shortly after the launch.

Other feedback has already been processed, and some features of social menus and friends have now been introduced.

The programmer will not, however, present a slider in the viewer's field, because of the concern it will affect the animations and cause clippings.

The company was looking for the clear fact that Fallout 76 is seen as a current project.

In an open letter published pre-launching beta, it was suggested that this is just the beginning and that they will need continuous support for players to find the remaining glitches and improve the game.

Bethesda wrote in a statement to Eurogamer: "Many of the claims in the thread are inaccurate or based on incorrect assumptions.

"The community, however, called for attention of several issues that our teams are already actively following and are planning to launch updates for"

"Our goal is always to provide excellent experience for all our players.

"Scams or hacking will not be tolerated. We know that our fan base is passionate about modifying and adapting their experience to our worlds, and this is something we intend to support a number of times."

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