Tuesday , November 24 2020

Fortnite Fortbite # 79 Location – Found in the arcade guide

Fortnite Fortbite # 79 – Found inside the arcade is now unlocked. Here's where to download it.

As of today, not only do we get a new FortBite challenge, but also challenges for season 9, week 4.

Currently, players have many challenges at their disposal with Dovntovn Drop, Fortbite and weekly challenges available. Earlier in the season, the players also had the Vick's Bounty challenge.

We will cover guides for challenges in the fourth week in second place. This post focuses on today's Fortbites, which FortBite # 79 – found inside the arcade. As always, we have a guide to today's FortBit site.

FORTBITE # 79 LOCATION – It's in the arcade

As given the name of the challenge, the FortBite 79 can be found inside the arcade. The Arcade can be found in Mega Mall as you can see below:

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Here is the exact location of the arcade in the mini folder:

It's in the arcade
It's in the arcade

The Arcade can be found on the first floor in Mega Mall, and in front of the action you will see an "arcade" sign. The easiest way to find an arcade is to drop "A" into "Mall" and you will be next to the arcade.

You will find FortBite 79 behind the arcade counter and next to the fridge drink.

Here's a video guide to finding Fortbite 79 – found in the arcade:

Fortnite Fortbite # 79 Location – BACK TO ARCADA Guide

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