Fierce flames in southern California have approached coastal houses along a famous highway in Pacific Coast in the Malibu area. Firefighters were shot by a crew on the Firehavk helicopter Fire Department in Los Angeles.

Intensive fire fire Southern California forced tens of thousands of people to leave their homes, including several celebrities who are waiting for the fate of their residences.

Gerard Butler called it "hearty in California," as he learned that his home was burned to ashes.

"He went back to my house in Malibu after the evacuation," the star "300" was released Sunday on Twitter, with an image that stands in front of the remaining ruins. "Inspired as always the courage, spirit and sacrifice of firefighters. Thank you for @ LAFD."

In a video clip published in his Instagram story, Butler said: "Welcome to my home in Malibu" while walking about his damaged property.

Hot Spring started on Thursday night and pushed for Malibu and the Pacific Ocean by Friday, which led to the evacuation of Malibu, Calabasas, Agoura Hills and other nearby areas. Authorities said on Saturday that at least 150 homes were burned.

"Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Charmed" star Shannen Doherty said that her "heart was split" after losing her home to Malibu where she married her husband in 2011.

By posting Instagram's picture from her wedding, Doherty wrote: "This place, I married there, but before that, it's the place @ chriscortazzo to let me stay after my father passed away. That's where I felt dad with me. It went, the fire took it, I destroyed everything that's going on. "

Doherty was out of the city when the fire broke out, but the friends who remained on her property were able to safely evacuate dogs and a horse actress.

Rapid flames have also confirmed Robin Thicke's home Malibu.

Teenage pregnant girl April Love Geary shared a picture of a damaged father's house in Instagram's story. "Our house is gone," she wrote with a cry of emoji.

USA DANAS has come to the representative of Thicke for comment.

Another look at Robin Thicke's home in Malibu, which was destroyed in California's California fire on November 10th. (Photo: Mike Nelson / EPA-EFE)

"Real Housevives of Beverly Hills" Camille Grammer confirmed in the morning in Instagram that her home was in flames: "Unfortunately, my house could not be saved. Brave firefighters managed to save my cars and personal items recovered from my home."

Grammer, ko David C. married Meier last month, said she was "grateful for my family safe".

"Fortunately, we quickly evacuated our house yesterday after the patrol car came out on the street announcing the required evacuations," she wrote along with her home in the fire. "I am grateful for my great neighbors and friends who kept me informed and for their help tonight."

Alissa Milano, the open voice of the # MeToo movement, was among the lucky ones whose home was spared.

The actress, who evacuated her home on Friday after tweeting "in danger," went to Twitter to confirm that her home "was still standing". Milan thanked the firefighters who risked their lives fighting the flames, adding that they brought them water and food.

Rainn Wilson, best known for playing Theatre Schrute's "The Office", updated his squatters on the status of their home: "We are safe and sound (supervised), our animals are saved and our house is barely spared."

Wilson said the flame soon missed his property "for twelve yards."

However, other celebrities are waiting for the fate of their homes.

Cher could not get rid of her endangered stay while preparing for the concert. "Ready for performances, such a terrible experience." "Fires across the holy" from my house, I can not see the neighboring houses through "emoji".

Caitlin Jenner was also waiting. The Christian home, believed to be her, appeared intact when a US SAD photographer took him on Saturday.

Jenner's spokesman, Alan Nierob, told the US today that the Olympian "can not confirm until he is allowed to return to his neighborhood and sees the status of his home firsthand."

Orlando Blum shared a picture of the flames that swirled at his end: "This is my street two hours ago, praying for the safety of all my malibu families, thanks to our brave firemen, please stay safe."

Melissa Etheridge told her fans that she stayed evacuated. "I'm not sure about our home, pretty sure it's okay," she wrote, adding, "So many have lost everything, it's not over yet."

Star Vars, Mark Hamill, claimed that "although (fires) are dangerous near our home," his family is currently "safe and exploit for our # FearlessFirefighters in his fight against # MeanMotherNature".

Jessica Simpson asked "angels to keep the environment around our home" after evacuation. The actress thanked the "brave firemen who have so far protected our home" and sent prayers for "all in California hit by these terrible fires."

Member of One Director Liam Paine claimed to be "scared of my house and memories". He also warned that someone was caught in the fire not to "take unnecessary risks".

These celebrities join Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian Vest,Khloe Kardashian and the famous director Guillermo del Toro, among others, who shared their fears in social media while waiting to see if they have a home to return.

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Contribution: Leora Arnovitz and The Associated Press

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