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Intensified renewed calls for more sanctions from the fall of a judicial attack


This century has renewed calls for greater sanctions for people who abuse or attack judges.

The call came after Judge Daniel Sveene queried the suspicion of a broken jaw and other injuries when he was beaten up after an adult football match at Co Offaly yesterday.

Gardai says there was no arrest.

President of Ireland's National Team Paul O'Brien says Daniel was seriously injured in the attack.

"The levels of abuse have increased. We are trying to fight, but we must do our best within the FAI period."

Mr O'Brien said that the FAI should review the sanctions guidelines, however.

Bearing in mind that the current player who attacked the referee was automatically suspended for a year, he said that it was not strong enough.

"It does not send a message."

Speaking to the Irish Times, he also called on the governing body of sports to establish a respectability and education campaign for proper match behavior.

Danijel Sveenei, aged 50, held a broken jaw and injured his eye when a disturbance broke out in the football field in Horseleap.

Mr Sveenei was taken to the Tullamore Hospital for treatment after a match between Horseleap and Mullingar Tovn.

Guardians confirmed that they were investigating the incident, which occurred around 13:00 on Sunday afternoon.

Tullamore officials were invited to a scene in a football club in Horseleap after a match in the Combined Counties soccer league near the border of Westmeath-Offaly County.

Chris Hand, secretary of the Combined Counties Football League, told RTE Soccer that the level of violence was committed with Mr. Sveeneiom shocked the community.

"Daniel has been a judge for several years now and he is a good man," he said.

"The referee's report will be with us in the next few days, so that individual individuals are identified, immediately suspended from all football activities.

There were no arrests in the incident (Julien Behal / PA)

"We will follow the FAI procedure regarding the way we deal with such incidents.

"We will follow the strongest action we can. I think yesterday it was surprising to all people about the level of violence.

"There is no place for sports in the sport."

The news of the attack was first overturned on social media when a football fan tweeted: "One of our judges in the Midland affiliate today was seriously attacked by the players after the game, so it should not be charged (sic) to us all as referees who do the job do REF does not have a game "with pictures of the injury of Mr. Sveeneia.

Twitter quickly became viral, football fans express resentment and disgruntled attitude towards participants.

A spokesman for Garda said: "There have been no arrests so far and investigations are ongoing.

"Anyone with information is required to contact Tullamore Garda station 057-9327600."

A spokeswoman for the Irish Football National Team (ISRS) said that the lack of volunteer judges available for matches is not a surprise considering the attack on Sunday.

"We are in the ISRS shocked and upset equally with the notorious attack on one of our members after his match on Sunday," he said. "We call FAI to cooperate with us to initiate respect and an educational campaign.

"Without judges there is no match, we as judges should look at the resource, and in return we should have the protection and respect we deserve."

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