Saturday , June 3 2023

Leave your eyes on the first 8K video in the room – Brinkvire


Depending on how serious you are about home entertainment, you may not even own 4K TV. If this is the case, it can hardly be blamed, since the vast majority of television programs have not yet adopted the format, but this does not prevent NASA from pushing the envelope so that it sees a high resolution that you probably do not have a screen that can display in full resolution.

In a new post, NASA shows what it says is the first 8K video shot in the universe. For more than three minutes, there's plenty to see here, but do not expect to fully appreciate the stunning details without your available display.

"Science increases with the first 8K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video from the International Space Station," NASA writes. "Get closer to the experience of the universe and see how a human plane in an international partnership improves life on Earth, and at the same time allows people to explore the universe."

This short description really does not sell how great this video is. You get super super-shots from the international space station, as well as many of the sights that go outside. There are several shots of various experiments, as well as everyday life on board. It's a great look at the lives of astronauts who spend their days in Earth's orbit for months in search of science.

"This new video shows the story of human flying in more colorful detail than ever before," said Dilan Mathis, ISS Manager. "The world of camera technology continues to progress, and the visibility of our planet with high fidelity is always welcome. We are excited to see what images appear in the future."

The camera used to record the images was actually delivered to the space station in April, but NASA finally got to actually convert the video into a beautiful editing in honor of the anniversary of the ISS launch and human dwelling on spacecraft that comes out every November.

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