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The Fortune's goal of help is to cry out

Fortune's players are tired of elimination due to a recent attempt to help, and Epic responded.

Imagine that in one situation you throw several stinking bombs to conceal your location, but then you are quick sniping and your Fortune game is over – this is what the latest bug in Fortnth is creating to help exploit.

Epic Games saw films published on social media that document exploitation and publicly directed them.

Popular Fortnite leaker FNBRLeaks, he posted a video through social media that shows how deadly exploitation could have been done correctly.

Eric Villiamson, designer for Fortnite Battle Roial, responded to the above video saying "we [Epic Games] there is a change (at 7.40) that should be alleviated. "

Other players like Obei's Upshall they also managed to discover that the goal of the aid directly influenced how many frames per second Fortune works on the PC.

When Upshall increased the Fortnite FPS to 240, his cross would retire to the players' heads almost in a similar magnet.

Upshall's findings are in addition DrLupo's discovery that the speed of fire was slower when playing at lower FPSEpic Games publicly responded to investigate them.

It's unclear when all these moves and mistakes will be corrected, but we hope Epic Games will soon patch things up!

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