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Treiarch responds to complaints about a Black Ops 4 player crash

Calling duties

The problem of character collision is even seen on a large stage in CVL Fort Vorth.

Other games, such as Respawn Entertainment's Apek Legends, are designed in such a way that friendly players can not clash and just pass each other in order to reduce colleagues' colleagues. Black Ops 4 has no such feature.

There have already been complaints from members of the community about this issue, and now, on March 17, the official Treiarch officer replied to the Reddit post about a Fort Worth video that shows that the professional player Gen.G. while attempting to reach the bomb at the start of the S & D Circuit.

In a response by Matt Scronce, senior designer of the Treiarch games, it is said that they have a "ready-to-launch" solution, but have abstained from implementing it for "time and risk assessment."

This is probably in relation to the current CVL Fort Worth tournament, as changes in the middle of the tournament would be very unpopular among the competitive community.

In the Treiarch's answer, it was concluded that it was "an unfortunate mistake that should not have happened".

Given the nature of the response, we will probably see a patch and fix it early next week, when CVL Fort Worth is over.

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