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Type 2 diabetes: Breakfast – opt for vegetable oil, banana puree and whole grain toast


Type 2 diabetes, if not treated, can lead to many more serious health problems, including foot problems and heart attack. But one of the best ways to control blood sugar is to eat healthy and balanced nutrition. It is recommended keeping the sugar, fat and salt to a minimum, and although many prefer to skip breakfast or not have time to eat it, the NHS warns that this should not be skipped.

What is the best choice of food for you in the morning?

"A healthy and satisfying breakfast can make a big difference," says Diabetes UK.

"But some traditional breakfast foods are full of sugar and fat.

"We've come up with some simple substitutions, so you can take control of your diabetes and ensure that you start the day in the right way."

A charity fund for diabetes offers three choices of healthy breakfast to be considered.

1. Switch with white toast to all versions, such as sown bread, more seeds, barley, soy and linseed.

It says: "This is better for your diabetes and the health of the digestive tract. And they are more full. "

2. Instead of jam, try a clean fruit spread or a puree banana.

Advises: "Other healthy choices are fat-free cheese, a couple of fresh dates, or almond butter and chopped bananas."

3. When using cooking, use as little oil as possible

It says: "Cook with unsaturated vegetable oils, such as sunflower, olive or oiled turnips, instead of butter or ghee."

You should get away from getting sweet cereals or red meat for breakfast if you want to keep your blood sugar level low.

While some packages may make some cereals, such as granola and grape crops, they look healthy, they are often full of sugar and fat.

Instead, try to get to the teeth in the porridge – avoid those with added sugar, honey, gold syrup or cocoa powder.

Wheat biscuits, chopped wheat or muesli (no added sugar) are also a great alternative. Add chopped fruits for sweetness.

Try to avoid red meat, such as sausages and bacon, because their fat and salt content can be high, and instead opt for oil such as salmon or kippers.

You should also opt for grilling instead of baking, as it reduces calories.

Too much calories can lead to weight gain, which is a risk factor for this condition.

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