Saturday , June 3 2023

U.K. the company will discharge 499 fully electric '67 Ford Mustangs


U.K plans to produce a limited edition of all-electric sports cars, built using officially licensed bodywork branches of the Ford Mustang plant and convertible from the 1960s.

… yes, this one will probably fall …

Although each of the 499 Mustangs built by Charge Automotive will "preserve the classic design and styling" of the original from the 1960s, the V8 will strive for a 60 kVh battery with an electric engine that is not yet defined (or motors), whose combined power it is 300 kV – about 402 hp – and a significant torque of 885 lb.

It's more than 130 hp more than it turned out that the Shelby Mustang GT350 has delivered the first generation of engines with V8 engines and it's enough to miss the new wizard from zero to 100 km / h in eyelash for three seconds.

This is quite impressive, since the theoretical electric range is 200 km.

The interior details are also quite thinner on the ground. Charge Cars has confirmed, however, that each Mustang will have "the most up-to-date components and personalized digital interfaces", of which others, as suggested by the video, apparently control everything.

According to accreditation, Charge Cars engineers, according to London's official website, contributed to various projects with Villiams F1, McLaren and Jaguar Land Rover, while the company obviously developed close working relationships with Michelin, EV technology and Roborace.

So, let's fix it: Charge Cars has worked with developers of the first serial motorized series in Europe to create a "muscular car of the 60s without internal combustion or any form of mechanical driver engagement", replaced the Mustang badge on the grid with its "cross" an emblem and will charge 200,000 pounds (about $ 335,000) – roughly the same as the Tesla Roadster – for one of only 499 examples that will probably not be able to replicate this V8 tape.

Right. Okay. Best of luck on Twitter, guys …

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