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Volves 2-1 Man Utd: FA Cup won in "Moliniuku"

FA Cup: Volves 2-1 Man Utd

The fans of Volverhampton Vanderers were happy to leave Molineuk after winning the quarter-finals of FA Cup over Manchester United, while their frivolous celebrations matched the importance of this significant victory.

The recent rise of the Volves was accelerated under their charismatic Portuguese manager Nuno Espirit Santo, with an elegant promotion to the Premier League, followed by an impressive first season in the elite.

Owners of Volves, the Chinese Fosun Group, have high ambitions, while the close engagement of super agent Jorge Mendes – to which some rivals – returned – brought the highest quality players to the club.

What was needed for Volves, however, was a victory in the statement to add the ultimate glow of confidence to the club and its fans, and to show that one of the old English football players returned and will not leave soon.

If evidence is needed, this magnificent display of the atmospheric night in the rocking Molineuk enabled it.

In 11 games against the first six of this season, the Volves proved that they are a growing force, winning four, drawing four and losing only three.

This, however, was a victory that reinforced the message. And they are a developed side with the power to add.

Yes, they beat Liverpool in the third round, but it was against the shadow made by Jurgen Klopp. This was a very deserved schedule of the reviving United side that already won Arsenal and Chelsea to reach this quarterfinals.

Flashes, flames, heavy rock music and pyrotechnics that heated the night and broke through the rain, followed the performance of the wolf's worthy fanfare that preceded him.

He accurately describes the frame of his team as an "organization-based talent," and that was the pattern for this victory.

Wolves, as shown during this season, can look like a very powerful package on occasion and showed it on one of the best night Molineuk enjoyed for years.

This was a mature performance, with the first 30 minutes as an object lesson in game management to attract a bite (though not much) from Manchester United before it grew in confidence and quality.

The wolves were firm in the background, with Conor Coaddie's leader, while Joao Moutinh's intricate and subtle incentives were enhanced by the attractive contributions of the sleekly ruined Ruben Neves.

And there are two spears.

The signing of Raul Jimenez's loan from Benfica was crafty, and the 27-year-old Mexican again was remarkable, showing exactly why the Volves are sure to continue with the option to conclude a permanent contract of £ 30m.

He, along with Diogo Jota, led United to the ruins and was only given the Sergia Romera's great saver for the magnificent savings before he interrupted the break. Jot's goal was completely deserved, because the partnership in the pair cast a tremendous shadow over United's unreasonable protection.

And as Molineuk admired every second, fans who have endured tough moments of football now dare to dream that the first big trophy could have been in sight since the League Cup in 1980 over Nottingham Forest.

It was not lost at Nuno, the fans of the old and the young enjoyed the triumph when they poured out on the streets high on the emotions of a thunderous night.

"As I came to the stands, people said that they came from the 1950s and 60s and still come and we are bringing them back that joy, smiles – of course with lots of beer," he said.

"We did it together and we work together. FA cup is a big competition. We played well and we achieved this by our incredible support."

"It's coming," Jimenez puts Volves ahead

The worst night in Solskayer

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer described Manchester United as a "big step backwards" – a masterpiece of underestimation.

The provisional manager and his players had all the bucks, deservedly, by the dismissal of Jose Mourinho in December, but this performance only guaranteed bricks.

United succumbed to defeat under Solskjär for the first time. They did not deserve any more because they were in trouble in Molineuk.

Solskjaer will hope this is just a break, not a return to the old habits that destroyed the club under Mourinho – but there were alarming signs.

The wolves were faster, faster, more organized, more skilled, more determined.

United barely got out of neutral position, regardless of the first speed, and there was no real indication of a return when the Volves one or two were delivered within six minutes, although Marcus Rashford pulled the ball to death.

Solskjaer's momentum, for now at least, has been stopped and there is no escape from how United have been bad.

It looks like they will reassemble their forces during the international break before the renewed battle for top-4 and the upcoming quarter-finals of the Champions League against Barcelona.

There are no such problems for the Wolves.

It seemed as if everyone who had left Molineuk late on Saturday night walked in the air. They can feel the FA Cup's glory while preparing for their first semifinal for 21 years.

& # 39; Vemblei beckons & # 39; – Jota doubles the advantage of Volves

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