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Works in South Texas for SpaceKs launch projects – News – Vallei Crier


BROVNSVILLE – By the end of 2015, trucks began to pull, leaving more than 300,000 cubic yards of dirt in the future SpaceKs launch site, where Texas 4 was killed on the Boka Chica beach in South Texas.

The technical term is "land replenishment", the process of compression of the basic soil to stabilize – in this case, creating a suitable basis for the launch of complex structures. This process is now complete, which leads to the fact that artificial meat is offset by farmers.

When done, SpaceKs will install a 95,000-gallon oxygen tank and an 80,000 gallon reservoir that the company has taken over the past few months. The tanks, now stored in the SpaceKs Control Center, a few miles west of the launch site, will be used to support fossil fuel operations during spacecraft tests starting sometime in 2019.

In February, founder and CEO of SpaceKs, Elon Musk, said tests at Boka Chica would mean "short flights with a BFR ship".

BFR stands for Big Falcon Rocket, a fully disposable vehicle, a two-stage vehicle consisting of a launcher and a spacecraft. "Hopper flights" refer to the SpaceKs Grasshopper's program for launching and landing tests on its Falcon 9 construction rocket at a test center in central Texas outside McGregor, southwest of Vaco.

Musk was a banker on his biggest rocket, Falcon Heavi, to get people to learn about Mars, although he focused his focus on developing larger, more powerful BFRs for Mars flights – an ambitious goal Mike touched at the ceremony of the Boke Chica ceremony September 2014.

"It might happen that the first person who flies to another planet can leave this site," he said.

In the last two years, SpaceKs, a headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, built two giant antennas on a terrestrial station that it bought from Cape Canaveral in Florida and over 600 kilowatts of solar arrays to power them. The antennas will be used to monitor crew Dragon Crew missions to and from the International Space Station, as well as flights operating from Boka Chice.

"We are building our launch in South Texas," said Sean Pitt, a spokesman for the company. "SpaceKs has now received the final air reservoir needed to support the initial satellite flight test."

Musk initially estimated that the first launch of Boeet Cice missiles could have happened by the end of 2016. The need for flooding created delays, however, in September 2016, the Falcon 9 rocket exploded during a discharge test at Cape Canaveral, destroying the launch cap that SpaceKs had to restore.

The company launched the Launch Pad Complek 40, reconstructed for the first time on December 15, 2017, a mission to re-supply the space station using the Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon Man Capsule. On February 6, SpaceKs launched the first launch of the Falcon Heavi launch from Launch Pad 39a at the Kennedy Space Center Crane Canaveral.

It is the same pillow from which Apollo 11 traveled to the Moon on July 16, 1969, four days before Neil Armstrong became the first man to pass on the lunar surface. Last August, SpaceKs set a walk for Launch Pad 39a that NASA's astronauts use for the Crev Dragon Capsule for ISS missions.

NASA in 2014 awarded SpaceKs and Boeing contracts to transport their astronauts to and from the space station. Four astronauts have been selected for the SpaceKs mission, scheduled for April 2019. They will be the first people to send into space from the United States since the Space Shuttle was abolished in 2011.

Preaching the first Crev Dragon mission to the universe will be a Falcon 9 rocket, 230 meters high with a 25-tonne load in the low Earth orbit. Falcon Heavi is the same height, but much more powerful, with a low carrying capacity of 70 tons. At a news conference after the February Falcon Heavi launch, Musk said the mission's success convinced him of the feasibility of developing the BFR.

The BFR will stand at a high 387 feet with a carrying capacity of more than 110 tonnes. It is a SpaceKs rocket launcher that will eventually launch from Boka Chice, where the BFR spacecraft tests will be scheduled for next year.

Gil Salinas, a member of the Governor's Advisory Board for Aeronautics and Aviation and former Executive Director of the Brovnsville Economic Development Council, who worked closely with SpaceKs during the company's negotiations, acknowledged his first muscle meeting in 2011 was exciting – especially the part about Mars, what Musk says should be colonized.

"When he gave us his vision in 2011, it was so out of the way – where do we begin?" he said.

Now, when SpaceKs entered 70 launches and another 35 plans, every eye in the aerospace sector is on what the company is doing in Cameron Countie, Salinas said.

"You can see that they are on the road to changing the world, and a lot will be done from here," Salinas said.

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